Murkowski is a champion for workers and our economy

Through Joelle Hall and Neil Bradley

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The US Chamber of Commerce and the Alaska American Federation of Labor Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) have not necessarily agreed in the past.

The US Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest business organization. Our members range from small businesses to some of the largest corporations in the world. We advocate policies that help companies create jobs and help our economy grow. We believe in the ability of American companies to improve lives, solve problems and strengthen society.

The Alaska AFL-CIO is the largest labor organization in Alaska. Our members represent 50,000 workers and more than 50 affiliated unions across the country. We advocate policies that create good jobs, strengthen social security and private pensions, ensure fair tax policies, and are strong advocates for our working people. We believe in the power of the voice of working people to create safe and equitable jobs, promote economic justice and strengthen society.

Collectively, our memberships represent the largest coalition of businesses of all sizes and workforces from virtually every industry and occupation statewide. Of course, we often find ourselves on opposite sides of political issues as we work through our conflicts to find the compromise that serves both business and workers alike.

It’s pretty easy for both of us to say that there aren’t many issues or candidates on which we fully agree. The exception to this rule is Senator Lisa Murkowski.

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When it comes to workers’ interests, Senator Murkowski has played a critical role in the drafting, negotiation and passage of historic legislation that creates thousands of jobs for Alaskans. She has been a staunch and successful advocate for bringing billions of dollars into our state that will ensure our workforce has a growing slate of projects, opportunities and technical training. Lisa Murkowski was a strong advocate for Labor in the US Senate.

When it comes to business interests, Sen. Murkowski has an impressive leadership record and delivers results for businesses in Alaska and across the country. It consistently breaks down barriers with members on both sides of the aisle to advance important legislation and advocate for action to support a vibrant economy.

Whether you’re talking about business owners or workers, Lisa Murkowski brings people from every walk of every spectrum together to do what’s best for Alaska. She doesn’t look for reasons why we can’t do something. No, she’s looking for reasons why we should do it. When she finds the reason why there is no person or thing that can stand in her way.

In Alaska, there is a rare advocate who upholds the voices of both working people and business owners. Senator Murkowski has a track record of breaking down the walls of partisanship to get real results for Alaska. She has proven to be a powerful leader, bringing billions of dollars in investment to the state while halting trillions of dollars in government waste. She is an advocate for our economy, our workers and Alaska.

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Keep this champion in office on November 8th by electing Lisa Murkowski for the US Senate.

Joelle Hall is President of the Alaska AFL-CIO. Neil Bradley is Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer of the US Chamber of Commerce.

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