My favorite movie of 2022 had a great day for Oscar nominations

Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh) assumes a fighting stance in one scene

Everything everywhere at once was a movie I saw in early 2022 and knew this was my pick for the Oscars and now that the Oscar nominations are out I’m definitely not alone. Seeing Michelle Yeoh kick ass throughout the multiverse is enough to get me into any theater, but seeing a movie about a family and their struggles playing out in front of me really gave in Everything everywhere at once staying power.

With awards season approaching and Yeoh, her co-star Ke Huy Quan, writer/director duo Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, and others making waves, I had hope they’d carry that momentum to the Academy Awards as well . And luckily, the film received a total of 11 nominations! It’s a great thing to see, especially with so many of us cheering for the film’s success. And some surprising nominations for it are just the icing on the cake.

But let’s unpack all of their nominations and why each of them is exciting!

Featured in three of the acting categories

Ke Huy Quan as Waymond in All at Once

Michelle Yeoh deservedly earned her Oscar nomination for Best Actress (and I hope she wins!), but she’s not the only one of the cast to be honored with a nomination either! Ke Huy Quan has been consistently nominated for and won the Best Supporting Actor category at other awards, and today he earned an Oscar nomination for his work as Waymond Wang.

In the Best Supporting Actress category, Jamie Lee Curtis was nominated over Stephanie Hsu for most of the awards season, but the Oscars got it right by having both Curtis and Hsu nominated for their roles for the first time EEAAO. It also marks history as the first time two Asian actresses have both been nominated in the same acting category, with Hong Chaus nominated for The whale.

It’s exciting to see the cast being acclaimed for their work in leaving audiences in tears and the film truly was one of the best things I’ve seen in a while, not just 2022.

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Praised for its design

Jobu Tupaki fights in an elaborate costume in Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything everywhere at once also took home nominations for Best Song, Best Costume Design, Best Original Score, and Best Editing. All of this makes sense! To be fair I must say that “Naatu Naatu” by Kala Bhairava, MM Keeravani and Rahul Sipligunj for RRR could take home the award for best song EEAAO’s “This Is a Life” by Son Lux, but still it’s amazing to get this nomination!

Best Costume Design for Costume Designer Shirley Kurata would be a perfect win, and of course editing for Everything everywhere at once should be an easy win. Best original score (also for Son Lux) is a little more up in the air as the entire category is stacked, but a win for Everything everywhere at once’s result would be incredible!

The Daniels receive nominations for Best Original Screenplay and Best Director!

Michelle Yeoh in Everything, Everywhere at Once.

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, known as the Daniels, were nominated for Best Director as well as for their Screenplay with a Best Original Screenplay nomination. And honestly? I want them both to win. Sure, there are other films that are great in these categories viz The Banshees by Inisherin and The Fabelmansbut I don’t want these to top the brilliance Everything everywhere at once and what the Daniels brought to it.

It’s a film that bridges the gap between the popular Oscar movies and those that only go to the cinema for blockbusters. It’s the movie that got people excited and the more I think about it, the more I love it. Getting the Daniels for this film just feels right.

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My pick for best picture

Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan in All at Once.  Image: A24.

With all the nominations and all the love Everything everywhere at once Having survived 2022, I think it’s only fitting that it also takes home the Best Picture award. The film earned a total of 11 nominations, and while Jamie Lee Curtis and Stephanie Hsu both go up against Angela Bassett’s award-winning performance as Queen Ramonda Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverI think so Everything everywhere at once could take home wins in at least 7 or 8 of their other categories – including Best Picture.

What do you hope will take home the big prizes at this year’s ceremony? Let us know in the comments below!

(Exhibition picture: A24)

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