NBA fines Brooklyn Nets and Miami Heat $25,000

The Nets seeded several players against the Indiana Pacers on December 10th

The Nets seeded several players against the Indiana Pacers on December 10th
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Load management will happen in the NBA independently of league efforts. Because of the Ringzzzzz culture, organizations have been taught to prioritize the postseason, and that mindset only gets reinforced by teams like them Phoenix Suns busted their ass to win 64 games a year ago and didn’t make it past the second round.

However, the loss of Game 7 is inexcusable Dallas Mavericks was, the collective excuse was that Chris Paul, Devin Booker and co. expended too much energy winning night after night when they didn’t have to. The Suns had the best grade in the entire NBA with eight games and could have lost quite a few games to reach 100 percent for the postseason.

Honestly, if franchises could give up games and not get fined, I think they would. the nets got a $25,000 ticket for “failing to comply with league guidelines for reporting injuries” after a game last week that saw Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Joe Harris, Nic Claxton, Royce O’Neale and TJ Warren all sit, and Brooklyn still won.

That’s obviously a fuck for anyone tuning in via League Pass, and the injury reporting violation classification appears to be a loophole that the NBA passively-aggressively exploits Let teams know they need to follow proper procedure when allowing certain nights.

Miami was also fined $25,000 after failing to “disclose an accurate game availability status for multiple players” before picking up a matchup with the Thunder on Wednesday, which they also won. Jimmy Butler and Gabe Vincent were the only notable guys not to play, but since the team’s injury report was not updated in a timely manner with members of the Heat playing, it was a punishable offense. I think the $25,000 had more to do with Butler randomly taking the night off, as had been the case throughout his tenure at South Beach.

Miami also reacted passive-aggressively from Listing of all 14 players on their roster in the injury report ahead of Saturday’s contest against San Antonio. The pettiness is approaching Real housewives levels, and Adam Silver engages in a fight he won’t win.

Calls to shorten the season went unheeded, and so coaches – many of whom are ex-players – side with the players when they or their bodies indicate they need a day off.

If we’ve learned anything about professional sports leagues, it’s that owners never prefer less Odds and Players Unions are not powerful or capable enough to shorten the season. This is the natural course of combat.

Unless the NBA hires 30 independent doctors to review every nagging illness on the report, there’s no way of knowing what’s real and what’s rest. That also assumes the league can even do it, and I suspect they can’t.

The regular season grind is brutal. Steph Curry had missed three games before getting injured, all of which were basically rest days as he probably could have tried if it had mattered in the big plan, and what happened on a random night in Indiana? Curry blasts his shoulder and will be out for the Christmas show. Anthony Davis missed Friday night’s second half against Denver with a foot matter, and who knows how he’ll feel a week from now.

Devin Booker missed a few Outings with hamstring strains lately, and if I’m the Suns, I’m wondering, how many games can we drop to make sure his hammy is good for the playoffs? Trading a few games in December to make sure you’re ready for April and May is a sign of a smart franchise, and even injuries still happen.

It’s not an exact science, and the league can’t just dish out hissing spasms and hand out arbitrary fines when they feel like it. We know why teams rest players, we know why the season isn’t getting shorter, and it’s time for the NBA to face reality.

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