NBA notebook: Boston’s Williams fined $20,000 for punching ball

LOS ANGELES — When Grant Williams hit the ball a few rows up the Chase Center in Boston’s loss to Golden State on Saturday night, he said it wasn’t a move out of frustration.

It was all an accident, Williams said, as he was actually aiming to knock the ball off the board.

But the erratic mistake cost him $20,000 since hitting the ball in the stands is an auto ejection. The violation came at 1:52 into the game.

Golden State defeated Boston 123-107 in this year’s NBA Finals replay, which the Warriors won in six games. Williams finished the game with four points and two rebounds in 31 minutes.

“Ejection was one of those things that you could definitely control,” Williams said. “I wanted to hit the ball off the backboard. Let’s just say it didn’t go my way. When Scott (Foster) told me it’s an auto eject, I said, “No way; I did not know that.’ It was one of those things you couldn’t help yourself with. Everything is good. It doesn’t affect things moving forward; it just hurts a bit in the pockets.”

It’s the second time this season that Williams has been thrown out of a game when he was thrown from Boston’s loss to the Bulls on Oct. 24. He clashed with an official after having a problem with a call that resulted in the automatic ejection. Williams was banned for one game for his actions and apologized to the official after being contacted.

The sacking against the Warriors was a little different, he added, because it’s not like there was much bickering or frustration with the officials. However, NBA rules state that hitting the ball in the stands is not allowed, as Williams got into the showers a little early. However, Williams joked about it afterwards.

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“I have to work on my boxing,” Williams said, laughing. “Work on my straight jabs or something. I’m over here throwing hooks.”

Williams said was thrilled when WNBA star Brittney Griner was released after 294 days in Russia.

“I was super, super happy just to have BG back,” Williams said. “It’s been a long process, much longer than anyone knows or has heard of. I’m just grateful to have her back on American soil and to be able to see her family especially just before Christmas and the holidays. No pressure on her to focus on anything else, just focus on her family and focus on those she cares about and loves.”

During last season’s NBA Finals, Williams was the primary organizer when several Celtics wore orange “We Are BG” jerseys on June 4 to indicate Boston’s media availability. That was about the 100-day mark of Griner’s incarceration, and Williams said at the time the C’s wanted to show their support and raise awareness. Williams said he worked with both the NBPA and WNBPA to have the jerseys shipped overnight.
Williams wasn’t the only basketball figure who was over the moon about Griner’s return. Several NBA and WNBA players happily took to social media when the Griner news broke early December 8th.

“This is a moment in history that we will remember,” Williams said. “Especially the fact that she’s such a talented player but also a great person just to be able to come.”

Griner, who was set to play professionally abroad, was arrested in February after Russian officials said she was carrying vape canisters of cannabis oil. While US officials spoke of “wrongful detention,” Griner was stuck in Russia for months. She pleaded guilty but still faced a lead. Griner was sentenced to nine years. But Griner was able to return to the States after the US agreed to a prisoner swap for notorious arms dealer Viktor Bout.

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