NBA Teams With Most, Least Roster Continuity

In the past few months, dozens of NBA players have changed teams through free agencies, dozens more have joined or left the league, and a total of 31 trades have been made. After all the off-season activity, some teams will go into the 2022/23 season with a completely different look than they did in spring, while others will look quite similar to last season’s rosters.

Squad continuity is generally seen as a sign of stability, but taking on a significant number of players from last year’s side doesn’t necessarily give a club an edge to start a new season.

Heading into the 2021-22 season, for example, the teams with the most roster continuity were the Nuggets, Kings, Hawks and Magic, and none of those clubs had a hugely successful season (Denver and Atlanta both got out of the playoffs quickly, while Sacramento and Orlando did). didn’t make it). At the other end of the spectrum, the Celtics were one of the teams with the most roster turnovers during the 2021 offseason, managing to two wins in a championship last spring.

With the start of the 2022/23 campaign, the dollar, pelicansand magic are the three teams that bring back the most players from last year’s end-of-season rosters (including two-way players). All three clubs retained 14 players over the summer.

It’s the third straight year that Orlando has been among the teams with the lowest roster turnover, suggesting the team is keeping its young core high and not looking to disband it. Meanwhile, Milwaukee and New Orleans are joined by the clippers (13 returnees) as teams may hope that the return of an injured star (Chris Middleton, Zion Williamsonand Kawhi Leonard) will help propel them to a deeper post-season run in 2023.

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That jazz are, unsurprisingly, the team that saw the most roster changes after embarking on a rebuild process that saw them trade All-Stars Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, among other veterans. They only bring back five players.

That lakers, who had a disastrous 2021/22 after bringing back just three players from the previous season’s roster, are again among the teams with the most roster turnovers, having retained just six players from their end-of-season roster . We’ll see if this version of the redesigned roster is any more successful than last year’s.

Here’s the total number of returning players for each of the NBA’s 30 teams, from most to least:

  1. Milwaukee Bucks: 14
    New Orleans Pelicans: 14
    Orlando Magic: 14
  2. Chicago Bulls: 13th
    Los Angeles Clippers: 13
    Miami Heat: 13th
    New York Knicks: 13th
  3. Charlotte Hornets: 12
    Phoenix Suns: 12
  4. Toronto Raptors: 12
    Brooklyn Nets: 11
    Dallas Mavericks: 11th
    Houston missiles: 11
    Memphis Grizzlies: 11
    Oklahoma City Thunder: 11
  5. Washington Wizards: 11
    Boston Celtics: 10th
    Cleveland Cavaliers: 10th
    Detroit piston: 10
    Golden State Warriors: 10
    Indiana Pacers: 10
    Philly 76ers: 10th
    Portland Trailblazer: 10
    Kings of Sacramento: 10
  6. San Antonio Spurs: 10th
    Denver Nuggets: 9th
  7. Minnesota Timberwolves: 9th
  8. Atlanta Hawks: 7th
  9. Los Angeles Lakers: 6th

Utah Jazz: 5 (* The count of suns includesJae Crowder

since he technically stays in the roster despite not being on the team.)

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