Netflix film We Have a Ghost: Everything we know so far

We have a ghost coming to Netflix in February 2023

A new family adventure film is on its way to Netflix, targeting a February 2023 release. Featuring Netflix regular Anthony Mackie and stranger things david port, we have a spirit will be a fun and excellent way to start Netflix’s busy movie offering. Here’s everything we know so far about the Netflix original film we have a spirit.

Developed under the working title of SeriousAs we mentioned earlier, the film develops on a short story originally published on Vice’s motherboard on October 19th, 2017.

The short story is currently still readable and was written by Geoff Manaugh, who served as executive producer on the Netflix project.

We have a Haunted House Vice item

We Have a Ghost House in the Vice article – Image: VICE

If you don’t want to sit down to read the full article, here’s a quick rundown of the premise:

“Ernest the Ghost, discovered by the homeowner, who called him that because the Apparatus looks like Ernest Borgnine. Homeowner Frank films his ghost and posts it for the world to see on social media. Ernest becomes a viral sensation. Frank enlists the help of his high school son Kevin to attend a series of dinners being held at the house to capitalize on the ghost’s popularity. Things take a turn when Ernest and Kevin both go missing and become targets for the CIA.”

This follows a recent trend of Netflix buying up the rights to stories published online, or news stories in general. In 2022, we’ve seen the release of The Watcher, a news-inspired series produced by Ryan Murphy and already renewed for a second season.

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The first look at we have a spirit was made available as part of the Netflix reveal of their 2022 film listing.

There are a total of three shots in the trailer, one with David Harbor sliding over the windshield of a car. The second is the reaction of the children in the car, who watch in dismay. In the final shot, Anthony Mackie uses his phone to appear to be recording something

We have a ghost screen 3

We Have a Ghost with David Harbor – Image: Netflix

We have a ghost netflix screen 1

We Have a Ghost – Image: Netflix

We have a ghost screen 2

We Have a Ghost with Anthony Mackie – Image: Netflix

When is we have a spirit are you coming to netflix

Originally slated for 2022 as seen in the Netflix 2022 movie preview above, we found out in August 2022 we have a spiritand several other films, have been pushed back to 2023.

What Netflix can reveal is that Netflix is ​​currently eyeing one February 24, 2023 release date for we have a spirit. However, Netflix has yet to officially confirm the release date and is subject to change.

Who is behind Netflix’s We Have a Ghost?

Temple Hill Entertainment is the production company behind the project.

Christopher Landon is both writing and directing, with the Vice play’s original writer Geoff Manaugh serving as executive producer.

Landon, best known for horror and thrillers, recently took over directing the sequel Happy Death Anniversary 2U and just recently Freaky.

Christopher Landon Director Netflix

Director Christopher Landon (Photo by VALERIE MACON / AFP)

Who will be starring on Netflix? we have a spirit?

Here at What’s on Netflix we’ve been provided with a stellar cast, although we don’t know exactly what role each actor will play.

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Here’s who is involved:

Anthony Mackie will return for his ninth (!!) Netflix Original project. Most recently he played in The woman in the window for Netflix, but of course he’s reprising his role as Falcon for Disney+ in 2021 The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Hot from the moment he appeared Black widow, David harbor will be featured in his fourth Netflix Original title.

Tig Nataro who previously starred in Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead will also be there. Natatro’s role was as Dr. Leslie Monroe confirmed.

Erika Rasch (Uncle Drew), Jennifer Coolidge (The White Lotus), Isabella Russo (crash), Nils Fitch (This is us), Steve Coulter (forced marriage), and believe ford (hope faith) are also lined up to form the star.

We have a Ghost Netflix Cast Grid

Images: Getty Images / Christian Högstedt

When and where was we have a spirit filmed?

Filming was originally scheduled to begin in August and last through September 2021. The reality, however, is that filming began on July 19 and wrapped on November 10, 2021, according to Christopher Landon.

The project had a shooting time of 65 days.

Beginning and end of shooting we have a ghost Netflix

Christopher Landon posted multiple times throughout production and gave us some excellent behind-the-scenes insights.

What is the film running time?

we have a spirit is currently listed with a running time of 125 minutes.

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We’ll keep you informed of updates as soon as we receive them. Let us know in the comments below if this sounds like your thing.

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