New DC Blue Beetle Movie Details Reveal Spider-Man Similarities

A new report of events in the coming Blue Beetle The film teased similarities between the DC Universe’s new hero and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The third of four new DC movies coming to the big screen in 2023 for Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD), Blue Beetle introduces Jaime Reyes, a hero who has never before been in the theatrical spotlight. With an all-star cast of actors including comedy icon George Lopez and Susan Sarandon, Xolo will play Maridueña Reyes as the young teenager embraces his newfound superpowers.

In the comics, Reyes gains these powers after interacting with a sacred scarab he finds in an empty parking lot before the scarab merges with him in his sleep.

Now, not only does this story appear to be being adapted for the character’s live-action adaptation, but it also brings back memories of one of the biggest names in the Marvel comic book filmsphere.

Blue Beetle brings Spider-Man vibes

The latest issue of Total Film magazine released new plot details for the upcoming DC Universe movie from Warner Bros. Discovery Blue Beetlewhich is scheduled to hit theaters in summer 2023.

The article notes that Jaime Reyes “find an alien bug” when he comes home from school which attaches itself to his body and unlocks an incredible alien armor:

“On his way back from school, Jaime finds an alien bug whose creature attaches itself to his spine in order to equip him with alien armor.”

Blue Beetle
Warner Bros.

This backstory is similar to what fans have seen with Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe. The Web-Slinger famously gains its own powers by being similarly influenced by a bug-like creature, namely the classic radioactive spider.

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DC does this a little differently as Peter Parker and the other Spider-Men don’t have the spider on them when they gain their powers like Blue Beetle does. However, Jaime’s origin is similar to another iconic moment from Peter Parker’s story.

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Spidey is known for donning the symbiote suit in many forms of media, first appearing in the Secret Wars Storyline in the comics.

The origin of the Alien with its end user is incredibly similar to Jaime Reyes’ Scarab in that both are extraterrestrial sentient beings who bond with their wielders.

Marvel Comics

This also mimics tendencies seen in another Spider-Man character, Venom. The story of this anti-hero begins when an alien symbiote merges with Eddie Brock, taking over his body and imbuing him with powers.

This similarity is also reflected in the film’s recently released synopsis, which notes that the scarab “chooses Jaime as his symbiotic host.”

“Fresh college grad Jaime Reyes (Xolo Mariduena) returns home full of hope for his future, only to find his home isn’t quite what he left it, in possession of an ancient relic of alien biotechnology: the scarab , when the scarab suddenly chooses Jaime as his symbiosis Host, he is bestowed with incredible armor possessing extraordinary and unpredictable powers that will change his destiny forever as he becomes the superhero Blue Beetle.”

Blue Beetle inspiration from comic book lore

While Jaime Reyes’ story doesn’t copy everything from Spider-Man’s legacy (death of uncle/family member, great power/responsibility, etc.), these connections cannot be ignored when the hero makes his big screen debut.

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And especially since the new DC character is a college grad, he ties even further to Peter Parker as Tom Holland’s MCU hero attempts to embark on his own college journey for once Spiderman 4 comes into play.

This story for Blue Beetle also adds the symbiotic side with the scarab attaching itself to Jaime Reyes, although it’s unclear if this artifact will take on its own personality like Venom does. At the very least, it will bring together unique aspects of multiple heroes under Marvel’s umbrella, while also adding a few unique elements that make this new DC hero stand alone.

Blue Beetle hits theaters on August 18, 2023.

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