Non-profit paying women to hear their healthcare story

JACKSON, Ms. (WLBT) – A nonprofit organization in the state of Magnolia is looking for women who are “fighting for change” by sharing their healthcare story.

The Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable is looking for voices to speak out on the issues preventing women from getting the health care they need.

“Over 20,000 black women fall into the state’s health care gap,” said Cassandra Welchlin, executive director of the MSBWR. The health gap they fall into is a hodgepodge of the traumatizing medical experiences women face.”

Welchlin said the nonprofit civic engagement organization wants to amplify the stories of black women to make a difference in public health in Mississippi.

In Mississippi, on average, Mississippi live sicker and die earlier than our national counterparts, says the Mississippi State Department of Health and Human Services.

With an average life expectancy of 75.8 years, Mississippi residents die 3.1 years earlier than the national average because of inequalities that exist within our state — subpopulations such as black rural women and babies suffer worse than other groups within the state.

In Mississippi, access to health care is a barrier for people in underserved communities.

There are fewer places for Mississippi mothers to give birth to their babies and a shrinking number of options when those babies are born in the ICU.

Doctors are concerned about the impact on mothers and babies as their access to care continues to shrink.

Health facilities are making dozens of trips to low-income and rural communities to reach those who may have limited access to medical care.

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And in addition to accessing healthcare, there are other barriers, including unequal distribution of coverage, out-of-pocket costs and difficulties in applying.

Hoping to increase coverage, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have streamlined Medicaid and children’s health insurance program applications to make it easier for people to enroll.

Open enrollment for Marketplace Insurance began Monday, November 1st, and you must enroll by December 15th, 2021 for coverage beginning January 1st, 2022.

To share your healthcare experiences with the Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable, text with the keyword “MSVOICES” to (833) 621-1953.

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