Northlands Parkway Collegiate welcomes back Career Symposium –

Northlands Parkway Collegiate (NPC) in Winkler hosted the annual careers symposium on Wednesday. The event rotates between Winkler’s Garden Valley Collegiate and NPC each year.

This year, students had the opportunity to explore approximately 35 exhibitors ranging from local businesses to Apprenticeship MB, Colleges, Universities and Bible Schools showcasing educational and career opportunities for students. The day also included information sessions with some exhibitors.

Olivia Groening (L), NPC Nighthawk Student Council Chair, and Annika Roberts, Student Council Co-Chair Olivia Groening (L), NPC Nighthawk Student Council Chair, and Annika Roberts, Student Council Co-Chair

“I’ve talked to some of my classmates, and I think a lot of them know what they’re going to do, and a lot of them don’t know what they’re going to do,” said Year 12 student and NPC Vice Chair Annika Roberts of the student council: “But for some of them, even if they know it, it’s those few steps in between, maybe a summer job… they’ve found an opportunity that they’d like to do or apply for, or different options within the university.” So it was really helpful to go to these information sessions, even if you know what you’re going to do.”

“I think whatever the path, be it in university or in the community, I think this career symposium will really help students see what is available around them and help them choose their future path ‘ added the chairwoman of the student council, Olivia Gröning.

“I definitely learned a lot about the University of Manitoba or even Brandon University,” Gröning said. “The representative there really helped me understand the type of science program I want to go into, specifically medicine. And to help me understand the nature of the program and what the difference is between the three year old and the four year old and how that helps you. Yes, that really helped me.

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Gröning noted that it is helpful to hear from the university representatives themselves to really hear the information about the first steps that lead to study, even though she has an older sister at the university to learn from and talk to could.

Roberts also noted that he had discovered information about many different volunteer opportunities. “And even jobs, like coming back to the community in the summer, there are a few places that have interested me and maybe I’ll go there in the future.”

She continued, “All the community businesses that came did a really good job of including things that would draw the students in and keep them interested, while trying to generate interest in the business itself. But yes, there were many opportunities throughout the day.”

“I definitely think students from every single school were really involved and I saw them go to all the booths and really interact. There were even some activities you could do there. It was filmed, there were prizes, and I believe that many students not only learned a lot, but also had a lot of fun,” said Gröning.

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