One-armed basketball player scores first points of college career

A basketball player scored the first few points of his college career, and he did it with one hand.

According to CBS, Hansel Emmanuel lost his left arm in a childhood incidentbut he didn’t let that deter him from his sporting dreams.

The news outlet claims cinder blocks fell on him when he was just six years old while living in his native country, the Dominican Republic.

The doctors did everything they could to help him, but ultimately they decided to amputate his arm.

That might have discouraged someone from playing sports, but it didn’t bother Hansel.

The 19-year-old plays for Northwestern State University and showed his talent over the weekend when his team played Louisiana-Monroe.

He executed a quick layup after dodging two defenders and the crowd went wild.

But if you thought that was good, wait ’til you see what the 6-foot-6 guard did next.

He completed a frantic dunk that made everyone present scream.

Emmanuel scored five points in Northwestern State’s 91-73 win over Louisiana-Monroe.

According to a post on his school’s website, he said: “I had to keep going after the layup – that was my first bucket.

“I know my family was proud.

“I had to keep working. You can’t give up.”

This was the fifth time Hansel had played with his college team, but the first time he managed to score points on the board.

According to CBS, the teen went viral online thanks to a highlights role he starred in in high school.

But he’s not the only young basketball player with a disability making a splash in the United States.

Josiah Johnson has played basketball his entire life and has never let his missing legs hold him back. Now he’s part of his school’s team, having earned his place there.

The WSFA reports that the young man from Louisville, Kentucky was born without legs but earned his spot on the school team.

The middle schooler explained that he was delighted when the coach nodded to let him know he’d made the team.

He said: “It’s just something I had to do, you know, I don’t want you to doubt me because I don’t have legs. I want to show you that I’m just as human as you and just as good as you.

“I acted like I wasn’t excited in front of the coach, I was like ‘okay’ but when I went to the gym I was excited, I was like ‘I made the team, I made the team’. “

Since the team’s inception, Josiah has become a seed member of the lineup.

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