Optimized care at the OSF Cancer Center in Danville

OSF HealthCare Bobette Steely Hegeler Cancer Care Center

OSF HealthCare Bobette Steely Hegeler Cancer Care Center

Cancer treatment isn’t on anyone’s “things I want to do” list.

But for patients at the OSF Bobette Steely Hegeler Cancer Care Center in Danville, Illinois, visits will soon be more convenient and streamlined thanks to a $750,000 interior renovation.

Phase two of the cancer center’s expansion project started in December and will last about five months. Patient care will continue during the work.

“Everyone is excited,” said Judi Miles, patient care manager for medical oncology and radiation oncology at the center.

“We’ve been planning this for quite some time. It brings some hope to everything here. It shows that we will stay here and take care of our patients,” added Miles.

The second phase expansion upgrades include:

  • Increase in the number of exam rooms from two to five. One room will be larger to accommodate bariatric patients and those with mobility difficulties. Each room will be updated with new furniture and appliances, sliding doors, and touchscreen wall monitors.

“The monitors will be an interactive tool that we can use to show patients the 3D anatomy. We can get information from the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute,” Miles said. “It’s easy to enter their email address and we can send them information. Many companies no longer print brochures.”

“The digital board makes the process more comprehensive. It makes it easier for patients to understand,” said JoMel Labayog, MD, an oncologist and the cancer center’s medical director. “You can just tell patients. But it’s different when you see where your cancer is, how it is responding to treatment, and what the plan is. Visual stimulation is always the best.”

  • The patient discharge room will also be renovated, moving from the back of the building to the front for better flow and privacy.
  • Cancer Center Mission Partners (staff) will have new and improved jobs.
  • Three private IV therapy bays are screened by doors instead of curtains for privacy.
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“Some people like to be with others and share stories during treatment,” said Dr. labayog. “But we have the private bays for people who are more restricted and want their loved ones to be with them.”

The cancer center is also aggressively recruiting another doctor to make the most of these phase two improvements, funded by community donations.

In phase one of the expansion of the cancer center, a state-of-the-art linear accelerator for radiation treatment was installed in March 2022. Phase three is planned for three to four years. OSF HealthCare executives hope to expand the cancer center’s physical footprint to offer new services and amenities, such as: B. Visits from oncologists, a training room, pastoral care and physical therapy. Individuals interested in contributing to Phase III improvements should contact the OSF HealthCare Foundation.

“When people come here, they know we’re inclusive. We are compassionate. We are professional. We have the facilities to treat most diseases,” said Dr. labayog. “Not only does this make patients feel comfortable, but families feel confident that their loved ones are being taken care of.”

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