OSF HealthCare joins Chicago ARC, a leading collaborative firm fighting health inequalities in the region and beyond

“Chicago ARC brings together the best of global technologies, startups and models of care with the needs of healthcare providers and the communities they serve to ensure equity in healthcare,” commented Kate Merton, Ph.D., MBA, Executive Director of Chicago ARC. “Today, we are able to share incredible advances in defining collaborative priorities where we can work with our partners to drive equitable innovation to transform healthcare in Chicago, Illinois, and across the Midwest. And by focusing on real-world needs that represent urban and rural communities across the US, we will bring technology to market significantly faster than traditional incubator and accelerator approaches.”

Chicago ARC’s healthcare partners will define the needs of the healthcare stock market, contribute best practices, and serve as dedicated pilot sites and customers for technologies that meet the defined solution needs.

Stephen K. Klasko, MD, MBA, Past President of Thomas Jefferson University and CEO of Jefferson Health and North American Ambassador, Sheba Medical Center and ARC, remarked, “Chicago ARC takes radical collaboration to the next level by bringing together the amazing traditional Chicago’s healthcare ecosystem and Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to bring population health, social determinants, and health equity from philosophical and academic practices into mainstream clinical care in Chicago and beyond.”

Founding Healthcare Partners, UIUC, along with Illinois Tech, are the first institutions to join as Founding Innovation Partners, meaning they have formally committed their expertise and skills to supporting the success of healthcare systems and startups.

“The Chicago ARC and its network of leading partner organizations create the ideal opportunity for Sheba to transfer our knowledge and best practices to the US healthcare market. The commitment, collaboration and expertise of the partners at the table demonstrate why the Chicago ARC model and this region is the perfect place for Sheba and our startup network to focus on the US,” added Associate Professor Eyal Zimlichman Director General, Chief Transformation, Added Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at Sheba Medical Center.

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The Chicago ARC also announced it has entered into a partnership agreement with Sheba to make it the North American epicenter for Newsweek Global Top-10 Hospital’s global network of startups. Sheba will also work with Chicago ARC partners to share and develop best practices for technology-enabled models of care.

“Making Chicago the preferred destination for breakthrough startups is a top priority for World Business Chicago,” said WBC CEO Michael Fassnacht. “The Chicago ARC and its significant network of health and innovation partners are realizing the vision of Chicago and Illinois as a global hub for health justice innovation. The resulting collaborations and approaches will shift the needle for equitable healthcare locally and create replicable models that are scalable across the US.”

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