Ottawa Attorney James Bowie blames Twitter for the slow response to the Law Society of Ontario’s complaint

Embattled lawyer James Bowie says he’s too busy to respond to the Law Society of Ontario because he’s been busy trying to find fame on Twitter.

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Embattled Ottawa attorney James Bowie, who was suspended last week for failing to cooperate in three Law Society of Ontario investigations, says he’s just too busy to respond because he famously tweeted about the “Freedom Convoy.” ” got.

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Bowie believed he was famous on Twitter, and managing his social media account was more time-consuming than his limited practice.

“I’ve been busier than I’ve ever been in my life,” Bowie told the bar investigator in a March 9 email.

Bowie confirmed the investigator’s reminders but said he had a convoy of truckers outside his office.

“I expected the truckers to disrupt customer appointments and my commute.

“I didn’t expect them to make me famous,” Bowie said after asking the bar association to empathize with him.

Bowie is also under investigation in an alleged legal services scandal.

Bowie was the only practitioner who believed that he was famous online and that he was the focus of some attention during the Freedom Convoy protest.

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“When I began expressing my frustration at the convoy on Twitter, I became the focus of some attention. I’ve been on CBCNN, CTV, CBC Radio, CBC Print, Local Talk Radio. I turned down CBC The National even though the national news anchor read my tweets on the national news.”

Bowie said he gained what he called a national following after tweeting about Tamara Lich’s bail hearing. His Twitter account was a lot busier than his law firm.

“I started getting more than a hundred notifications per minute, 28,000 new followers (on Twitter), multiple daily media inquiries, and messages from concerned citizens,” he wrote, adding that the investigator could check the hashtag # if interested. BailWithBowie.

He then said he had been inundated with requests, including one to teach a “mini-course” on bail hearings at Queen.

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Bowie said his time on Twitter was not an apology, “but I hope you will see that my full and substantial response, although late, is related to a series of events that I am having a huge pity party for. The courts are closed. Crime has gone down. … I became famous. Could I have answered earlier? Yes I would have Please accept my apologies for not replying sooner. I hope my response gives you some humor, a genuine understanding of my life and practice, and some humanity for who I am and why I am now writing this lengthy apology for my late but substantial response,” he said on March 9 E- Mail.

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Bowie was suspended for professional misconduct on Friday. Law Society Tribunal Chairman Murray Chitra ordered Bowie to immediately cease practicing law until he fully and adequately responds to public complaints that he had provided poor service and treated clients as ghosts when they demanded reimbursement.

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Bowie also practiced law while he was suspended in 2022. Bowie has had several short-term regulatory suspensions, according to an affidavit from a bar investigator.

While those grievances were being addressed at Friday’s disciplinary hearing, Bowie is now awaiting the results of another bar association investigation into disturbing allegations that Bowie provided legal services for sex, asked the client to shred lines of cocaine, and then him unsolicited sent a photo of his penis.

The woman has since hired criminal justice specialist Michael Spratt, who filed the complaint with the bar on her behalf, this newspaper reported earlier this month. The complaint to the bar included attachments to Snapchat messages between Bowie and his then-client, along with a screenshot of the unwanted image.

Bowie has yet to respond to this newspaper after several requests for comment.

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