Patty Jenkins provides an update on the Rogue Squadron movie

Once upon a time we were supposed to get a play rogue squadron Film due out in late 2023. The film was announced with director Patty Jenkins hired to bring the film to the big screen. In December 2020, the project even got something like a teaser in the form of an announcement video. Since then, however, there have hardly been any concrete updates. And what little we got didn’t sound very promising.

In 2021, with director Jenkins’ commitment to her, the film was pulled from the production schedule wonder woman Films as the reason for the delays in production. Earlier this year, the film was pulled from the release calendar entirely, which felt like a foregone conclusion. It was assumed that the film probably wouldn’t be out any time soon, or possibly at all, as there were rumors about it wonder woman stopped Jenkins from doing it war of stars Completely.

However, we recently received a small update on the film, and according to the director rogue squadron is still a work in progress and is expected to hit theaters at some point in the future.

The news comes from an announcement largely focused on Jenkins’ work wonder woman and DC movies. It was recently announced that the original plan for the third wonder woman The film would not go ahead as originally planned, as it didn’t fit with the quasi-relaunch that DC movies are trying to pull off. After Jenkins left the project, rumors abounded that she refused to change her story to try and make it work in the current DC landscape. Jenkins posted to clarify that these rumors were untrue, and James Gunn, who is currently in charge of developing films for the DC Universe, also issued a statement, agreeing with them. While the new information about the future of DC movies is certainly interesting, the really exciting part was only touched upon briefly rogue squadron by Patty Jenkins.

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According to Jenkins, she actually decided to step away from the project to focus on the third wonder woman Movie. However, Lucasfilm asked her to return to the project after working on the third wonder woman movie was finished. According to Jenkins, a new deal was struck between her and Lucasfilm that would allow her to continue working on the project. While it might not be what anyone wanted, recent changes at Warner Brothers have meant Jenkins now has an opening in their schedule rogue squadron might fit.

Jenkins clarified in her statement that she wasn’t sure if the film would ever happen or not, stating:

We never do this before the development process is complete, but I look forward to its future potential.

However, she offers a more moderate approach to talking about her war of stars This time around, it’s clear that while the project won’t hit theaters before the end of 2023, it’s far from dead.

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