President Biden addresses veteran health care at Delaware City Hall


President Joe Biden will return to Delaware Friday to attend a town hall on recently signed legislation that expands health care benefits for veterans exposed to burn pits and toxic substances.

Biden will speak to veterans about the PACT Act at Major Joseph R. “Beau” Biden III National Guard/Reserve Center near New Castle. Beau Biden, the former Delaware Attorney General who died of brain cancer in 2015, served as a major in the Delaware Army National Guard.

The President has publicly speculated that his elder son developed a brain tumor as a result of exposure to burn pits while serving in Iraq.

“Toxic smoke, thick with poisons, spreading through the air and into the lungs of our troops,” Biden said during the August signing of the bill. “By the time they got home, many of the strongest and best warriors we sent to war weren’t the same. Headache, deafness, dizziness, cancer. My son Beau was one of them.”

US Senator Tom Carper, the last Vietnam veteran in the US Senate, invited Biden to City Hall on Friday. The event is part of Carper’s annual Veterans Summit, which consists of elected officials and leaders from Delaware veterans’ groups.

During town hall, Biden is expected to encourage veterans to sign up for health care, get screened for potential toxic exposures, and make insurance claims if they have a similar condition. It is one of 90 nationwide events the Biden administration is holding on this legislation.

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DELAWARE’S OWN:Joe Biden lost his wife and young daughter 50 years ago. It changed the course of his life

This town hall will be among the few presidential events Biden has held in Delaware this year.

In October, Biden spoke at Delaware State University about the White House student loan debt relief program. It was the first time a president had visited the campus of the historically black university. He also spoke at the opening of the University of Delaware in the spring.

This Saturday also marks the 50th anniversary of the deaths of Biden’s first wife, Neilia, and his young daughter, Naomi, a tragedy that shaped the president’s personal and political life.

Biden often visits his family members’ graves when he is back at his Greenville home, including on the anniversary of the car accident.

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