Q&A: Lone Star College-Creekside Center’s new Dean of Education, Jerica Nickerson, shares plans for the center for 2023

The Lone Star College-Creekside Center is a full-service learning center for individuals seeking college credits to progress to a four-year university. Students can earn an associate degree and job references. The 85,000-square-foot facility, which opened in 2016, houses a dedicated Harris County Public Library branch and the new children’s library. The LSC Creekside Center is a satellite center of the LSC Tomball main campus.

The center hosted a town hall meeting on December 1 to learn about the community’s educational needs.

impact on the community spoke to Jerica Nickerson, the new Dean of Education at LSC-Creekside, in an interview on December 7th. Nickerson joined Creekside Center in August. Faculty and Staff Members Amy Rosales, Division Manager; Melissa Brega, Head of the Faculty of English for Speakers of Other Languages; Victor Moussoki, Chairman of the Business and ESOL Division; Antonio Lopez, Chair of Computer Science and Engineering; and Lead Accounting Faculty Clifton Hill contributed to the interview.

Q: What would you like people in the community to know about LSC Creekside that they may not already know?

Nickerson: That we offer academic courses, evening and weekend courses. We also have two eight-week courses that allow students to focus on just two courses at a time. … We are also offering a dental assistant program from March.

Brega: We offer English courses during the day and from spring 2023 also evening courses.

Mussoki: We have small class sizes which allow us to really care about each and every student. We don’t have that on the main campus.

Lopez: You can take courses to prepare for industry certifications and exams in the information and technology industry such as Cisco CCNA and Cisco DevNet. In addition, we have specialization classes, such as B. Engineering, which is transferred to many four-year institutions.

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Hill: We offer a course called Accounting Technical Certification designed for students who already have a degree but may need credits for one [certified public accountant] Test. We offer these courses both in the classroom and online.

Q: What can students find at the LSC-Creekside Center that they cannot access at other campuses or centers?

Nickerson: Smaller classrooms, not physically, but as far as enrollment goes, gives you the opportunity to engage in a more intimate, supportive environment. Not to say so [other campuses] are not supportive but as we are smaller and enroll less it really allows the students to bond with the teachers and also collaborate with their classmates. I like to say that you can’t get lost in the classroom here. On average you have around 12-15 students in a class.

roses: We offer the electrical and Cisco program that is unique to us. Between the Tomball and Montgomery campuses, Creekside is the only one [that] offers these programs.

Q: How does the center meet a need in the community?

Nickerson: We serve a need by being comfortable. Gas is extremely high. Grocery costs are extremely high. Many of our students live within a 2-3 mile radius of campus. So instead of having to travel to one of the main campuses, they have the luxury of having the Creekside Center right in their backyard.

Mussoki: On Saturdays we offer a Quickbooks course. We are also in the planning stages of creating an Accounting Tax Preparer Certificate I which arose out of community interest due to all the small businesses we have in the area.

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Q: What are the new programs and amenities coming up at LSC-Creekside in 2023?

Nickerson: Creekside Wolf Pack Academy – This program will be cohort based and extremely structured. So for a student who walks through the door and says. “I want to study business administration” is on the timetable for the next two years. So they can plan their life around school. I’ll take business administration as an example, but ideally we want to be able to do that for all our courses here.

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