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Ranking of the worst NBA teams over the last decade

0 out of 7

    Jahlil Okafor

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    The worst teams in the NBA share similarities in performance, but the context of many ghastly campaigns is often different.

    Since the 2012-13 NBA season, we’ve seen the struggling Philadelphia 76ers plan on losing. Other disastrous squads had poorly constructed rosters and even more unsuccessfully relied on aging stars.

    The list largely focuses on the teams with the worst year-end records. However, season-wide stats—both general stats and advanced metrics—are also used to determine ranking.

    But, hey, good news Charlotte Bobcats fans! Aside from that mention, you won’t live to see the nightmarish team from 2011-12 again.

7. 2018-19 New York Knicks

1 out of 7

    Kevin Knox (left), Emmanuel Mudiay and Damyean Dotson

    Sarah Bull/Getty Images

    The entire NBA world expected the New York Knicks to fight in 2018-19. After all, they would do without Kristaps Porziņģis while he was recovering from a knee injury and traded him in January 2019 anyway.

    Still, it was a terrible season.

    With the inglorious headline of an 18-game skid, the Knicks set a franchise record with 65 losses. (More on that in a bit.) They posted NBA-low marks in overall field goal percentage — including worst two-point and third-lowest three-point clips — and offensive rating.

    New York managed not to be totally terrible on defense, although the unit finished 20th or below in opponent turnover rate, rebound rate, and effective field goal rate allowed.

6. 2013-14 Milwaukee Bucks

2 out of 7

    Nick Young defends Giannis Antetokounmpo

    AP Photo/Alex Gallardo

    Fast forward half a decade to 2013-14, and the Milwaukee Bucks had found a franchise-changing superstar. But this is very much a “started from the bottom, here we are” story.

    Milwaukee selected Giannis Antetokounmpo with the 15th pick in the 2013 draft. He wasn’t an instant hit, having held a part-time starting role and averaging 6.8 points per game as a rookie.

    The Bucks posted an NBA-low defensive rating of 111.8. They had the league’s third fewest steals, second-worst defensive rebound rate, and worst opponent three-point record.

    Meanwhile, the offense ranked 26th in effective field goal percentage with the third fewest points per game. The team had three losing streaks of eight games or more en route to the 15-67 final score.

    But on the bright side, that horrible year preceded the rise of Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee title in 2021.

5. 2014-15 Minnesota Timberwolves

3 out of 7

    Orlando's Maurice Harkless gets past Andrew Wiggins

    AP Photo/John Raoux

    Important context is that the Minnesota Timberwolves entered this situation willingly. During the offseason, they traded All-Star forward Kevin Love in a three-way deal to acquire No. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins.

    The long-term vision – while flawed – resulted in a challenging short-term outlook.

    Wiggins won Rookie of the Year, but Minnesota fielded an otherwise underperforming team. As if inefficient two-pointer shooting wasn’t bad enough, the offensive group lacked long-range firepower. It’s frankly impressive that a team with 66 losses attempted the fewest three-pointers in the league given the number of late-game deficits.

    Minnesota also posted a league-worst defensive rebound rate and effective field goal percentage with an NBA-low defensive rating

4. 2013-14 Philadelphia 76ers

4 out of 7

    Brett Brown, Spencer Hawes, Evan Turner and James Anderson

    Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

    Though the beginning of the Philadelphia 76ers’ tanking era didn’t include their worst overall record of the miserable three-year stretch, the 2013-14 franchise set a record for futility.

    See, at 14-31, a team’s immediate destiny is obvious. There will be no off-season travel.

    But the Sixers lost 26 straight games in a tie for the longest single-season skid in NBA history. Only the 2010-11 Cleveland Cavaliers have lost that many games in a row.

    While they produced a 19-63 record, they shot a league-worst 31.2 percent of three. They committed the most turnovers per game. Opponents shot an NBA-high 51.1 percent from inside the arc and racked up more assists and blocked shots than anyone in the league.

    After all, the Sixers have gotten the most steals in the NBA? So that’s something I guess.

3. 2015-16 Los Angeles Lakers

5 out of 7

    Kobe Bryant (right)

    Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

    The final season of Kobe Bryant’s legendary career ended in an amazing way. He scored 60 points, including 15 of his team’s last 17 points — with a go-ahead jumper — to close a double-digit deficit in the fourth quarter and beat the Utah Jazz.

    Loved as this game remains, the Los Angeles Lakers had stumbled through the 2015-16 season.

    Los Angeles recorded the worst NBA finishes in terms of two- and three-point percentage, assists, points per game, assists allowed, and defensive rating. Also, the Lakers earned the second-lowest offensive rating. They were quite simply a poor all-around team during Kobe’s farewell tour.

    A season after setting a franchise record with 61 losses, the Lakers broke the mark again by losing 65 games.

2. 2014-15 New York Knicks

6 out of 7

    Carmelo Anthony

    Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

    The worst part of this particular Knicks season is the almost unfathomable lack of continuity.

    Just six players have appeared in over 50 games, reflecting the injuries suffered by Carmelo Anthony, José Calderón and others. Overall, the Knicks – who started the season with a total betting win (over/under) of 40 – fielded 20 players. Each lasted at least 13.2 minutes on average, so they basically had a different rotation throughout the year.

    Unsurprisingly, the constant shuffling hasn’t been a positive.

    New York dragged itself to a franchise-worst 17-65 mark with the fewest points per game in the league. In addition to registering the second-lowest offensive and third-lowest defensive ratings in the NBA, the Knicks suffered two 10-game losing streaks for the first time in their history.

    If you line up the 2014-15 roster against the 2018-19 team, maybe the result really speaks for that roster. But at least the latter team played some semblance of defense.

1. 2015-16 Philly 76ers

7 out of 7

    Jahlil Okafor (left) and Chris Paul

    AP Photo/Chris Szagola

    In hindsight we know that The Process didn’t really work. Especially for this historically poor season, it didn’t help that Philadelphia played a second full season in which 2014 first-rounder Joel Embiid was sidelined.

    However, one sentence alone says everything you need to know about the structure of this fuel list.

    The Sixers started 0-18, eventually clinched a win and lost 12 straight games.

    A real, professional NBA team held a 1-30 record.

    Worse, Philly has compiled two more losing streaks of at least 12 games — four in the season if you keep track — and has never had consecutive wins. je. At every point. Thankfully, the Sixers ended the year at 10-72, the third-worst win ratio (.122) in NBA history.

    Embiid has since become a superstar. But without much post-season success — unlike, say, the Bucks — the memory of that gruesome season is just a reminder of a long-term experiment that failed.

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