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The Punjab government’s recruitment process for assistant professors and librarians is stalled as there appears to be no solution to the mystery that has been smoldering for some time. That’s how it all started.

The Director of Higher Education, Punjab issued a public notice on October 19, 2021 inviting eligible candidates for assistant professor positions in various subjects and librarians individually to online application forms. The total number of posts available during the recruitment process was 1,158.

After that, there was another notice the same day mentioning the eligibility, selection process, salary scale and other instructions. With appreciation from both, those interested showed up for the written test, Punjab Assistant Professor Exam, held on November 20th and 21st, 2021. The results were published on November 26, 2021. Up to this point everything went smoothly and the exam was held transparently. Out of 1158 who passed the exam, 607 entered the headquarters in Mohali on December 2nd and 3rd, 2021. Of the 607, 135 received secondment assignments to various colleges on December 22 and 23, 2021.

But what happened after that?

dr Sohail, one of the convenors of the 1158 Assistant Professors Front, gave more details about it EdexLive that there are three main concerns:

1. “Jobs have been removed from the purview of the PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission). As the Department of Higher Education (DHE) took all responsibility by taking the exam at Punjabi University, Patiala and Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.”

2. Another major concern was that this process of hiring assistant professors has been approved by Prime Minister Charanjeet Channi but is pending subsequent Cabinet approval.

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3. Conducting only written tests and no interviews was another concern.

To challenge these concerns, several ad hoc teachers and guest lecturers working in Punjab’s state colleges submitted written petitions to the High Court. In view of this, the High Court stayed the proceedings on 3 December. But the 607 candidates who received their appointment orders already submitted their accession orders at the ministry’s headquarters on December 2 and 3. In this issue, the department instructed to halt this recruitment process for the others who do not have their accession orders have received.

Training in the midst of the scramble

When EdexLive speaking to one of the candidates, Kirandeep Kaur, who did not receive her deployment orders, she explained that candidates like her who did not receive their deployment orders were called up for training. In her case, as she was from the Department of Commerce, she was first called up for training at ICAI Bhawan, Chandigarh from December 31, 2021 to January 2, 2022. In February 2022, a three-week training course was also held by the excise duties and taxes departments in various district authorities.

Kaur, who was an accounting assistant at a PSU (Public Sector Unit), says: “Our only fault is that we passed the exam.” Kaur quit her previous job to join as an assistant professor. This move was followed by verbal instructions from the DHE on December 2 and 3 that they would have to leave their previous jobs to take up the posts of assistant professor. But as she experiences the agony of the process, she feels dejected. In addition, Sohail says that he is also one of those who quit his previous job.

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Another candidate, Chirag Garg, who is a silver medalist and is doing his master’s degree at Panjab University, said he was also called up for three to four days of training in February just before the elections. When asked what was thought of in the training, the physics candidate said, “It was a regular visit to the state college.” of the government.” The IT department candidates were appointed to the headquarters in January 2022 for various jobs, namely software development, portal management and so on, Kaur added.

service without salary

For those who did not receive the posting orders but participated in the training and work, Kaur told EdexLive that the salary regulation was passed in March. And the candidates were assigned colleges for the deduction of their salaries. But when candidates reached their respective colleges and followed the protocol of submitting their documents followed by registration in HRMS (Human Resource Management System), salaries were not reported.

Sailing in the same boat, Garg claims that the Treasury Department asked principals at each college, “If they’re not doing jobs, why are they giving them salaries?”

The court terminates the proceedings

Although 135 who received the orders continued to work and collect salaries, on August 8, 2022, the court quashed the entire case. And appeals against the cancellation are still pending. Point 74 of the OGH decision states: “All 33 advertisements (No. 1/2021 to 33/2021) from October 19, 2021, together with the entire selection process, including the resulting appointments and advertisements, will be canceled and cancelled. “

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This leaves the assistant professors stuck without knowing how to proceed. Although some candidates were posted elsewhere, they were unable to compete as they are stuck with a task here. For example, Kaur shares that she received an offer letter from PSPCL (Punjab State Power Corporation Limited) but she was unable to resign from the company signed at the time of the payroll.

The above commitment has been made by the department and signed by the candidates. One of the points mentioned in the pledge was that they are not otherwise employed, which is causing them grief now.

With that, Front 1158 staged protests in September 2022, leaving many injured when police launched a lathi charge. After the protests, the government agreed to appeal to the dual chambers of the High Court. But nothing has been submitted to date.

What about the 135 delegates?

When EdexLive spoke to two of the candidates who were appointed to government colleges, they said so.

Jagjeet Singh, who is Assistant Professor at Government Mohindra College, Patiala, informed that he received his assignment order on December 23, 2021 and reported on December 24, 2021. Regarding this hiring process, he said, “DHE will be forfeited if there is a court case.” Additionally, another candidate, Rohit Barach, who is employed as an assistant professor at Government College, SAS Nagar, Mohali, said their salaries are on time and he has no problems after his employment.


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