‘Rolls an ankle and falls out for a year’: NBA trolls on Twitter Anthony Davis after millionaire agent Rich Paul stood up for him

Anthony Davis has been a force of nature for the Los Angeles Lakers this season. He disrupted his opponents’ offense and defense. Averaging 27.6 points per game, he has been vocal about giving fans a taste of victory. He then changed the fortunes of the team in the league. In short, the eight-time NBA All-Star was unstoppable for most of the season. However, the only factor hampering his great performance is the dark cloud of injuries. In the media, his name has become synonymous with injuries, and multimillionaire sports agent Rich Paul has had some tough views on the issue.


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In an interview with GQ magazine, Rich Paul spoke about the noise the media makes around gamers. He focused on the narrative of former NBA champion Anthony Davis. He criticized the media for using Davis as a prop to increase viewership. Paul explained that the media writes off Davis’ injuries, saying he’s injury prone or just doesn’t want to play. He said, “He’s had some really crazy situations over the past few years.” Paul went on to explain that injuries are an integral part of athletes’ lives. While Paul stood for the Lakers star, it gave fans online another opportunity to troll.


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The floodgates of the trolls are opening on Twitter

Fans quickly used Paul’s comments as a medium to call out Anthony Davis. They questioned Paul about his words, saying that Davis “Rolls an ankle and misses a year”. Some also interpreted Paul describing Davis as injury-prone while only using outlandish words to attempt to back the power forward. Fans pointed out certain words Paul used, such as “freak situations,” and asked him if “It’s in these ‘freak situations’ that Davis gets hurt.“While one could argue that Paul’s act of standing up for Davis was heartwarming, it made no difference to the fans.

The season so far for Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis has missed around 3 games for the Los Angeles Lakers this season. However, problems with his back were a constant occurrence in the team’s injury record. Despite the slight shake in his back, Davis has commanded his way around the court. He’s shot 59.6% from the floor while averaging 27.7 points and 2.7 assists per game.

Lakers coach Darvin Ham lavished praise on Davis’ performance. While claiming to be smitten with Davis, he said saidHe (Davis) wants to be that guy. He wants to be the guy for the team and I love watching him do that.”

Dec 2, 2022; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward Anthony Davis (3) dunks the ball against the Milwaukee Bucksat Fiserv Forum in the closing minutes of the second half. Mandatory Credit: Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports

Despite such good times coming for Davis, he is listed as “likely” for Tuesday’s game against the Boston Celtics. It will be interesting to see if Davis can fight the lower back wobble and make it onto the pitch on Tuesday.


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With that in mind, what do you think of Rich Paul’s comments on Anthony Davis? Let us know in the comments below.

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