RONIN FLIX releases JET LI Two Movie Collection with “Fist of Legend” and “Tai Chi Master”!

Ronin Flix is ​​heating up the holiday season by announcing 3 stunning new limited edition Blu-rays starring the legendary Jet Li! The collection includes FIST OF LEGEND and TAI CHI MASTER, as well as a new JET LI 2 MOVIE COLLECTION, including a bespoke slipcover. — Available Exclusively at Ronin Flix 12/13/22 — Click Here for Full Details!

Featuring NEW digitally retouched versions of the best available HD masters (1.85:1) of both films, NEW Cantonese, Mandarin 2 and English DTS HD lossless master audio tracks, NEW English subtitles translated from the original Cantonese version of the film 3 and all the historical bonus features, these Blu-rays really pack a punch.

In this homage to Bruce Lee’s classic FIST OF FURY, Jet Li exudes raw power and cool as an expatriate kung fu student who returns home to avenge his master’s death and save his martial arts school.

Special features:
• The Man Behind the Legend: An exclusive interview with director Gordon Chan
• Brothers in Arms: An exclusive interview with kung fu impresario Chin Siu-ho
• The Way of the Warrior: An exclusive interview with Japanese action legend Kurata Yasuaki
• The School of Hard Knocks: A screen fighting seminar at the acclaimed Kurata Action School
• A look at Fist of Legend with director Brett Ratner & Film
• Critic Elvis Mitchell, Deleted Scenes, Original Theatrical Trailer

Summary: Two best friends and martial arts students are expelled from the fabled Shaolin Temple, only to meet again on the battlefield – one a power-hungry general, the other a freedom-fighting rebel, both mortal enemies. Starring Michelle Yeoh (ALL AT ONCE) and directed by martial arts legend Yuen Wo-Ping (action director on IP MAN 3 and 4), TAI CHI MASTER is an absolute martial arts classic.

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Special features:
• Nemesis: An exclusive interview with Star Chin Siu-ho
• The Birthplace of Tai Chi: On site in Chen Village
• Meditations on the Master: Film director Brett Ratner and film critic Elvis Mitchell discuss Yuen Wo Ping
• Twin Warriors: Film director Brett Ratner and film critic

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Ronin Flix is ​​an independent home entertainment company offering cult film fans and collectors around the world a curated collection of classic genre films, meticulously restored and preserved in high definition on Blu-ray Disc.

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