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San Francisco Revel Moped ‘Exploded.’ Destroyed Cars


A San Francisco Revel moped reportedly exploded, hitting two parked cars.

The incident happened around 3 a.m. on September 29 on Oak Street near the Panhandle, according to Devin Fleharty, whose car was badly damaged by the fire.

No one was injured in the incident, which also saw a neighbor’s car destroyed.

Revel mopeds can be reserved through the company app and driven around the city by anyone with a valid driver’s license. The blue scooters reach speeds of around 50 km/h and can carry one passenger.

Photos of the aftermath show two badly damaged cars with melted plastic lights and charred items, including a fried shoe lying on the ground.

The moped was parked between the two vehicles. Revel says they are investigating the incident. | Courtesy of Devin Fleharty

In an email, Revel spokesman Robert Familiar said: “Revel is investigating this rare incident.”

Revel confirmed the “rare” incident had happened before in San Francisco, but said it was due to arson and they hadn’t ruled out arson in this incident either.

Fleharty wrote on Reddit that the moped “exploded” and melted his and another person’s car.

“I got home to my car like this, after parking in front of one of those blue Revel mopeds, melted the back half of the car, filled it with ash and melted everything I had in the trunk,” Fleharty said on Reddit.

Fleharty is now asking for witnesses or footage of the incident so he can provide it to Revel’s insurance company.

“I honestly just felt lost as I had no information when I got to my car the day after the incident,” Fleharty said. “Revel had just left a little note to call her insurance company and just got back [to me] today, and apparently they are still “investigating.”

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The aftermath of the explosion of a Revel electric scooter at around 3am on September 29 on Oak Street near the Panhandle. Revel says they are investigating the incident. | Courtesy of Devin Fleharty

A police report on the incident, seen by The Standard, says a firefighter who responded to the scene said the fire looked “random” and that the arson team was not responding.

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Revel has approximately 500 electric vehicles for rent across the city and also operates in New York City, Washington, DC and Miami.

Online video appears to show a Revel scooter on fire in New York in September 2020. Revel’s spokesman says the incident was caused by a lit cigarette igniting rubbish next to the moped.

Revel declined to provide details of moped fires, but reiterated that moped fires are rare.

A Revel moped as seen at San Francisco’s SoMa on October 11, 2022. | Joe Burn/The Standard

The company launched in SF in the fall of 2020 and claims to have completed half a million zero-emission moped rides around the city since then.

The San Francisco Fire Department, Police Department and City Transportation Department have been asked for comment.


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