Scholarship Shawnee Mission offers $2.7 billion in offers

Scholarship Shawnee Mission 2022

Scholarship Shawnee Mission has brought together juniors and seniors with more than 60,000 scholarship offerings totaling $2.7 billion. Above, students celebrating the announcement of scholarship offers at SM West High School that totaled more than $480 million. Photo courtesy Shawnee Mission School District

Shawnee Mission juniors and seniors have received tens of thousands of scholarship offers through the Shawnee Mission Education Foundation Scholarship Campaign totaling a potential value of $2.7 billion from 49 different higher education institutions.

  • The striking $2.7 billion represents the total value of all scholarship offers SMSD high school students receive under the SMEF program, but students will end up using only a fraction of that total as many students receive multiple offers from different colleges have received.

As? Through the Scholarship Shawnee Mission, SMEF provides a variety of scholarship opportunities to high school students each year.

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