Season of Gratitude: What Are Lawyers Thankful For In Their Profession?

The perception of what it’s like to be a lawyer is often rather bleak. Of course, as in any profession, we are often frustrated by routine tasks, unpleasant and unpredictable situations and work-related challenges.

But have you heard that gratitude can turn negative things into rewarding things? It can change the way we see ourselves, our personal lives and our careers. It’s an essential habit to practice, and Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to reflect on what you’re grateful for along your career path.

This Thanksgiving, um Lavrina We decided to ask lawyers what they are thankful for in their profession. So here’s an inspiring list of seven reasons for gratitude that lawyers share with love (get ready to be inspired).

Gratitude for customers (standing up for someone in need)

Everything we do in life is always about people. The lawyers shared their gratitude for their clients, with whom they communicate on a daily basis. The appreciation for the ability to help others in need is so heartwarming. It reminds us that we are all in need in one way or another.

I am thankful for great immigrant clients that make my life so rich and interesting.

Marina Shepelsky, Esq. of the Shepelsky Law Group

I’m very thankful for the phenomenal clients we have. As a reinsurance boutique, we serve clients for multiple clients across a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. We are very fortunate to have such a large, diverse customer group. We have traveled to many countries and had friends (clients) to spend time with and learn a lot about local customs, restaurants, attractions, etc.

Steven G. Bazil, Esquire The Bazil Group

Gratitude for promoting the inherent goodness of righteousness

There is so much injustice around the world that it is very touching to know that you can make a difference in your work. Being a lawyer is indeed a noble profession and it is a great reason to be thankful for it.

The opportunities a lawyer gains for a fulfilling personal and professional life are more important than the obvious societal benefits of being a lawyer. Law is a noble profession because it furthers the inherent good of justice. Legal work, unlike many other types of employment, uses an overall goal as a measure. It is a luxury to have a standard of goodness against which to measure our professional integrity, even when we struggle to identify that goal amid moral and pragmatic uncertainty.

Rick Nehora, CEO of the California law firm

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What I am most grateful for is the opportunity to use my skills to help people in times of need. It is extremely fulfilling for me to use whatever skills and abilities I have for someone who is struggling with a problem or challenge that they cannot solve on their own. Counseling and representing someone in need – and seeing the comfort and ease they feel in knowing they are not alone – gives me great satisfaction and I am happy to be doing it for a living be able.

Tom Simeone, Washington, DC attorney

Gratitude for acquired communication skills

Another reason to be grateful as a lawyer is strong communication skills. Communication is more of an art than a scientific discipline. Fortunately, lawyers have many mediums and activities to master this art that helps in other areas of life.

As a lawyer, I am grateful that I have unmatched communication skills that almost every lawyer possesses, making them one of the most elite communicators in our society. With regular debate practice, lawyers develop one of the most important life skills of effective communication. Not only in the courtroom, but also when communicating feelings towards your partner or winning a bargain with the shopkeeper, effective communication skills that lawyers possess help them win small battles every day by convincing with the words that come out of their mouth come.

Fran Haasch, founding attorney at Fran Haasch

Gratitude to professional organizations and communities

What can be more inspiring than being surrounded by professional, motivated communities? This is an essential and rewarding part of the legal profession:

I’m thankful for professional organizations where I can connect with my peers and always learn something new and amazing that I can use to improve our work.

Marina Shepelsky, Esq. of the Shepelsky Law Group

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I am grateful for the communities I have found in the law: people within our firm who share values ​​and bring a positive attitude to the practice, and people outside our firm who are committed to the same goals.

Mark Lyda, Founder of the Lyda Group

Gratitude for sharing knowledge

Nothing is more inspiring than sharing your knowledge. Lawyers often have the chance to share their knowledge with future generations and contribute to justice. So here’s another GREAT reason to be thankful as a lawyer:

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share knowledge with bright students and to work in an academic environment. Teaching students about the rule of law in business is not only a privilege, but also an opportunity to make a lasting difference in business and society.

Robert C. Bird, Professor of Business Law, School of Business | Eversource Energy Chair in Business Ethics

gratitude for team

It is impossible to become a first class lawyer without being surrounded by a motivated and like-minded team. Think about how people who work with you help you on a daily basis. Consider these people your second family that you are grateful for:

My greatest thanks go to our employees. Our paralegals and paralegals are the backbone of our business. One day this office might not function without the hard work of our support staff. Their dedication, hard work and compassion for our clients make our firm successful.

Kris Parker, Founder and Managing Partner at Hendry & Parker, PA

In my firm I am supported by a brilliant team to whom I am grateful in my pursuit of justice for my clients.

Edith Pearce, personal injury attorney and owner of The Pearce law firm

gratitude for challenges

Challenges are not something people used to be thankful for. But with every challenge we grow personally and professionally:

I am thankful for challenges. I am grateful that every working day is a challenge and that the challenge drives me.

Scott Perlmuter, Attorney and Managing Partner

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Gratitude for modern technical solutions

Modern lawyers have one other thing to be thankful for – those technological solutions that are transforming old-school legal practice. From virtual court hearing tools to contract automation tools, technology is making the legal practice thrive every day (and of course contributing to the work-life balance of lawyers):

I am thankful for modern software and automation that makes working with in-person and remote collaborators so good. Zoom – I love talking to people face to face even though we live in different time zones.

Marina Shepelsky, Esq. of the Shepelsky Law Group

As in-house counsel for a tech-advanced non-life insurance company, I am very grateful for the technology we have that allows me to work from virtually anywhere in the world. This gives me the opportunity to spend the holidays with family and friends while still completing important projects that always seem to come at the end of the year.

Mr. Stacey A. Giulianti, Esq.

Wrap up

What are you thankful for in your career? It is important to reflect and perceive simple things that we can be thankful for each day, to overcome difficult times and to fill our hearts with joy at this festive time. I hope the above list will make you feel the power of appreciation.

May Gratitude fill your heart with warmth, love, and inspiration for new personal and professional accomplishments, whether in law or another career path.

About the author:

Inna Ptitsyna is Product Communications Manager at Lavrina. She has a law degree and great expertise in legal innovation. In addition to working for Lavrina, Inna is part of the International Community of Legal Hackers, where she lectures on the importance of PR and marketing for lawyers.

At Lawrina, Inna is responsible for setting up and executing a strategic and comprehensive communications plan to ensure a coherent message runs through all product communications, including marketing activities.

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