‘Should have just accepted the movie was a flop’: Dwayne Johnson shamed for allegedly lying about Black Adam’s profit to secure his future in DCU

Rumors have received a new catalyst after a trusted news outlet hinted that Dwayne Johnson was behind the leaked financial sheet that allegedly the Black Adam Figures in a better light than the film’s actual profitability. First and foremost, that would spell trouble at home, given how Warner Bros. executives are already looking sideways Black Adam Actor and his elaborate plans to expand the DCU empire. But the relentless backlash the film has faced of late suggests there’s more for The Rock to worry about than just the leaked report being traced back to it.

Black Adam
Black Adam (2022)

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Dwayne Johnson trolled for Black Adam‘s leaked earnings

The report of Puck News currently indicates that the leaked financial sheet is “full of wrong assumptions”. Black Adam approximately $180-$200 million in production costs and had another $100 million in marketing budget (a claim again disputed puckby Matt Belloni). A Forbes analysis suggests the film needs to gross at least $560-$600 million to break even, but projections imply it Black Adam will still be just under $400 million after the holiday season.

Dwayne Johnson Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson Receives Backlash for Failed Box Office Run

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With such mind-blowing numbers, The Rock can kiss goodbye any dreams he’s had of a sprawling Black Adam-centric franchise, and that includes the much-anticipated Black Adam vs. Superman showdown he’s been teasing since the film’s theatrical run. Has the financial sheet leaked? meeting is a last-ditch effort to garner some mass following and support for the film and its future, it’s a poor effort, and one that’s causing Dwayne Johnson more trouble than it’s worth.

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James Gunn previously explained in his November teasers that while The Rock’s anti-villain protagonist doesn’t fit into current DCU plans, Superman (whether Henry Cavill’s iteration or a reboot) is at the center of the formative DC Universe Bible. It’s highly unlikely that The Rock’s rumored heavy armament will cause the new CEO to realign his strategies and pick up a character arc if it doesn’t already align with his and WBD’s 10-year roadmap.

Black Adam
Black Adam‘s failure has been attributed to aggressive marketing that focused on Superman

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Fan backlash plagues The Rock After Black Adam‘s failure

given Black Adam is already doing poorly at the box office meeting Report does very little to block a hole in the bottom of The Rock’s sinking DCU ship. And fans seem to agree, given how mass resentment against Dwayne Johnson has developed after his relentless attempts to build excitement around the film, even after an underwhelming reception in recent weeks.

The aggressive marketing that The Rock directed for his film has been attributed to and supported by claims of Henry Cavill’s return. People have since been appalled at the film’s average decency and its passing Superman appearance, and the hype built around the latter rather than focusing on Black Adam’s IP was one of the more significant factors contributing to the film’s box office success contributed failure.

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Despite Dwayne Johnson’s insistence on that Black Adam‘s box office numbers and his successful debut, the numbers, tweaked or not, aren’t flattering enough to warrant him this sequel, especially at a time when James Gunn himself is building a world from the ground up with very little interest in one builds IP far removed from DC’s primary sifting.

Black Adam will premiere on HBO Max on December 16, 2022.

Source: Puck News

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