Shraddha Murder: Aaftab decides on bail after meeting with lawyer

Aaftab Amin Poonawala, who is charged with the murder of Shraddha Walkar, told Saket court in the national capital on Saturday that after talking to his lawyer he would decide whether or not to pursue the bail. Additional sessions Judge Vrinda Kumari listed the bail matter for hearing on December 22, while his (Aaftab’s) attorney would meet him in jail on Monday.

Aaftab was brought before the court via video conference on the court’s earlier instructions of the day. The court noted Aaftab’s testimony that although he signed the vakalatnama, he was unaware that bail was being filed on his behalf.

He told the court that he had no communication with his attorney on the matter. He would decide the matter after speaking to the attorney. Aaftab’s defense attorney MS Khan argued in court that the earliest he would meet Aftab.

Although Khan said there was no need to produce the accused at the next hearing, the Special Prosecutor (SPP) denied the submission and said Aaftab should be brought before the next hearing. Earlier in the day, the Delhi court ordered Tihar prison authorities to produce Aaftab Poonawala after receiving a report from prison authorities that Poonawala had not instructed a lawyer to post his bail.

The judge for additional sessions ordered the prison authorities to produce Aaftab at 11.30 via videoconference (vc). The court said the jail report was received on Friday, which included Aaftab’s handwritten letter saying the bail request had been made in error and he had received no notice to that effect.

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An email report from prison says Aaftab did not hire a lawyer to file the bail request. On the other hand, attorney MS Khan stated that he submitted the application and had a ‘vakalatnama’ signed by Aaftab, which was duly signed by the prison authorities.

Special Prosecutor Amit Prasad has appeared for the Delhi Police and Nirbhaya rape lawyer Seema Kushwaha has also reported there. The court said it would speak to Aaftab about whether he had consulted a lawyer.

Aaftab Poonawala, who is accused of murdering his partner Shraddha and then hacking her into 35 pieces, has applied for bail as the initial investigation into the case is closed. The request for bail, made through counsel, has said that the initial investigation into the matter has been completed and an indictment will be filed.

It goes on to say: The matter will take longer to complete, so there is no point in keeping the accused behind bars. It would impede his life progress. The motion states that the defendant can be released on bail in these circumstances.

Aaftab Poonawala is being held in pre-trial detention until 23 December. Previously, he was also tried via video conference for security reasons. Aaftab’s polygraph test and narco-analysis test were also performed.

The police will soon file an indictment in the matter. (ANI)

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