Sundance Film Festival 2023 Film Critics Summary (Part 1)

I started my 2023 Sundance Film Festival coverage with a plethora of films to watch. Throughout the festival, you can get continuous coverage of the festival’s biggest films. I’m excited to share with you all the movies to watch in 2023.

The Sundance Film Festival is one of those festivals that studios love to attend. From movies like parasite to KODA to last year’s Horn for Jesus. save your soul, the festival, is known for providing a cinematic taste of the year to come. When a film debuts at the festival, they wait for that reaction from the critics/audiences and the films can get into a bidding war for which the studio makes a claim on the film. Let’s dive into the first day of the festival below.

Looking back at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival

run rabbit run

Sarah Snook plays a fertility doctor who firmly believes in life and death, but after noticing her young daughter’s strange behavior, she must challenge her own values ​​and confront a ghost from her past.

As the film begins, you meet Sarah and Mia, a mother-daughter combo who share a strange, uncharacteristic relationship. Mia isn’t the best kid and Sarah is trying her best to be the best mom. Throughout the film, we explore this relationship with a strange series of events happening that make you wonder what’s really going on.

The film ran for an hour and forty minutes, but it felt much longer. After a while you get the sense of where the movie is going, but it just isn’t worth mentioning. Sarah Snook and Lily LaTorre put in decent performances, Run Rabbit Run leaves a lot to be desired, making it an uneventful slow drive.

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deep ascent

The fate of the planet’s last pristine wilderness, the deep sea, is in jeopardy as a secret organization prepares to allow the massive mining of metals from the seabed in order to deal with the global energy crisis

When you watch documentaries like this one, you can’t help but be alarmed by all the things that are being revealed. They understand and witness daily how we treat this planet as badly as we do and we are all guilty, but those in power do not understand that there are some things we can do that could change some of the trajectories.

Honestly, deep ascent is informative but flawed in that it almost feels like the point is being driven down our throats. While I understand that, I also think the hour and a half running time felt like three hours, which made you flick in and out of the story. Nonetheless, Jason Mamoa may have found his calling as the documentary narrator of this generation. Overall, it’s a solid documentary with stunning visuals and an informative story.

To live and to die and to live

Muhammad returns to Detroit to bury his stepfather and is pushed to settle his scores, but Muhammad’s struggles with depression and addiction may finish him off before he completes the task.

We meet Muhammad, who buys drugs in the city. Shortly thereafter, he meets Asia, who accompanies him on his adventure through the city. One thing leads to another, and just as they are about to tackle it, Muhammad cannot handle the situation. Afterwards, Asia tries to enter her number into his phone and he asks why she is touching his phone, causing her to snap a little.

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The next day, Muhammad attends his stepfather’s funeral, where he is forced to settle some of his scores. We hear the family is having trouble getting the money, so he steps up and says he’ll take care of the bill. There are some things I did about the film that I didn’t like. The things I liked were the film music, the cinematography and the performances. Amin Joseph is on screen throughout the film and he doesn’t waste a moment. Now for what I didn’t like, it was structural all over the place which made you not connect to the movie.

Overall I liked the film but didn’t love it. I wanted a little more for it and because we didn’t get it and the film fell short.

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