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After a T-Bone accident, you have a number of potential legal options. Here are some approaches to cover your losses.

You could get medical bills paid by your health insurance company

Your health insurer would only pay for medical care – not for lost wages or other damages. Therefore, this approach is often not the best option to get full T-Bone Accidental Injury Compensation.

If your insurer pays the bills and you subsequently receive compensation from another driver who caused the accident, the health insurance company will usually also try to recover the money they paid.

You could get compensation from your car insurer

If you’re living in a state through no fault of your own and suffered minor injuries, your Personal Injury Insurance (PIP) could pay for medical bills and some of the lost wages. Medical insurance (MedPay) could also cover medical expenses.

Uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance companies could also pay compensation if the driver responsible for the accident was either uninsured or had insufficient coverage.

You could get compensation from the culpable driver

If another driver was negligent and caused the T-Bone accident, you can make a claim against that motorist. Typically, this would mean dealing with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

The insurer may offer you a settlement, or you may have to file a lawsuit in court. Regardless of what you do, the insurer will only pay up to the maximum limits of the culpable driver’s liability coverage.

If your damage exceeds insurance coverage, you can claim the driver personally, but collecting the extra money can be difficult.

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You could receive compensation from the at-fault driver’s employer

If the driver who caused the T-Bone accident was performing work duties at the time, you could have a claim against that driver’s employer.

There is a legal doctrine called vicarious liability which states that companies are responsible for the actions of their employees while on duty. This also applies if the company has not acted negligently at all.

You could get compensation from the government

If poor roads or broken traffic signs caused the T-Bone accident, the local, city, or state government responsible for the roads may be at fault.

Making claims against government entities can be more complicated than typical T-bone accidents because of the special sovereign immunity rules that apply when the government is a defendant in a case. It is especially important to work with an attorney who is familiar with these types of claims.

You could get compensation from a car manufacturer

If a defect in the vehicle caused the T-Bone accident, the automaker or others in the supply chain could be at fault. For example, if a vehicle was unable to stop due to defective brakes, the manufacturer of the brakes or the car that contained them could be held liable for damages.

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