Teen Wolf: The Movie’s Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed rock it

It’s about time Scott McCall got back up. The TV series teenage wolf, based on the classic Michael J. Fox film, first howled in 2011 before ending in 2017. However, you cannot suppress a werewolf. Creator Jeff Davis has breathed a crazy new life into the concept for six seasons, and now he’s doing it again by continuing the story as a film. What was once a movie became a TV series, and now it’s going to be a movie again.

In the show — and the upcoming film, out January 26 on Paramount+ — Tyler Posey plays the eponymous teenager, an ordinary high school student who is bitten by a werewolf in the town of Beacon Hills. As Scott McCall, Posey navigated through high school life and the life of a supernatural being. One of McCall’s most important relationships was with Allison Argent, played by Crystal Reed. Allison didn’t survive the end of the series, but things may not be as permanent as fans once thought.

Posey and Reed have both worked on several other projects over the past few years. Posey appeared Jane the maiden and Reversed (among other shows) while Reed starred swamp thing and memorable performed the impressive Sofia Falcone Gotham. Both Reed and Posey are returning to Beacon Hills, so SYFY WIRE caught up with them as part of a digital journey.

Was it like a homecoming? What lessons did they bring with them? How comfortable are you with each other? Read on for all of these answers and more.

Last time I checked, Allison was dead.

crystal pipe: Yes you are right.

I don’t want to spoil the how and why of her return, but should fans of the character, and of you, Crystal, be excited?

Reed: I think they will be a little scared at first but they just have to watch to the end.

Should fans of the Scott/Allison pairing be excited?

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Tyler Posey: Who knows? I think the fact that they’re alone in a room together is enough to make fans go, “Woo holy shit, that’s awesome.” But it’s hard to say right now if they picking up where they left off before…being in love again. It’s a difficult question.

What was left unfinished in the series that you were really looking forward to continuing in this movie?

Reed: I think their relationship was always a big question mark for me because it never ended. I always wanted to see more and I wanted to understand what they would be like as adults, so we’ll see how that plays out.

Posey: I really wanted to see Scott as an adult. He was this tormented little teenager trying to save the world and sort of filling in shoes bigger than himself. Now he can actually fill in those footsteps and it’s nice to see that he’s settled in and settled into himself as an adult a little more comfortable where he is. Scott is looking good. And he has a buzzing head now.

I suppose there was no real talk of renaming it “Old Wolf”.

Posey: No, unfortunately not.

Were there any lessons you learned from other projects that you were able to put into practice while playing these recurring characters?

Reed: There was so much life I lived between Allison’s death and Allison’s resurrection that I definitely fit into this performance. I think just the fact that she’s really lost, confused, angry and doesn’t feel like she knows who she is. I’ve certainly gone through that time in my life, and many times I still don’t know who I am, but having those experiences and knowing how it feels in my body made it easy for me to tell Allison about it. Hopefully it feels natural and real.

Posey: Likewise. I’m always trying to get better and better after every project I do. I observe what I’ve done and I pick out those moments when I’m like, “Oh, I could try that better next time” or “I could do that a little differently next time.” And then I have a lot with life experiences been through more than since the last time the world saw me teenage wolf. I used all of those things to curate this little version of Scott that I’m really proud of. I think it’s Scott in a new light, and I think he’s more Scott than he’s ever been.

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Obviously you’re not a teenager anymore and it sounds like the character’s growth has mirrored your own.

Posey: Secure. Yes, 100 percent. I think most adults grow up in a similar sense, where you just get a little bit more relaxed… comfortable with who you are. Being a teenager and a young 20 year old is a confusing time. Life is still confusing no matter what, but you’re just a little bit more confident I guess and just comfortable with who you are, hopefully.

When they came up to both of you and said that you wanted this to be a movie and that you both wanted to come back, was that a simple yes?

Posey: Yes absolutely.

Reed: Me too.

Posey: Had no hesitation. I think I cut Jeff [Davis] out before he asked me. I think he said, “Do you want?” and I just said, “Absolutely.” I will teenage wolf keep going and I hope they want us too.

So many members of the original cast are back. Was there a feeling with all that coming home?

Posey: Gigantic.

Reed: Yes. It definitely felt like a family reunion, which I think added a lot to the comfort and safety of our performances where we were so open with one another. We could still discover so much.

Posey: Yes. It’s easy to make art with the people you love. Laugh every day on set. teenage wolf is so dramatic and messy and weird that by the fact that we’re fooling around on set and having a lot of fun and being able to tell poop jokes and fart in front of the camera, we always try to add a bit of that lightness, except when I’m around Crystal. I don’t fart in front of Crystal.

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Reed: He does.

Posey: I probably have.

Reed: you farted on me

Posey: I have?

Reed: Yes.

Posey: It was an accident, I swear. I’ve bled on crystal before. We have such a story.

You farted and bled on Sofia Falcone…

Reed: You did.

That’s risky.

Reed: I appreciate that very much. thanks for that

Posey: She’s gonna kill me

Are you both watching the show, the Dailies or whatever – or are you just seeing flaws and want to keep the memory of how it was that day live on?

Posey: Good question.

Reed: I find it very difficult to look at my work objectively. I saw the movie and I still think everyone else was great. I just feel like I could have done a much better job in so many aspects. So it’s hard. It is very difficult for me.

Posey: You killed it, Crystal. For me I love the show. I tend to see it when it’s on. Sometimes I just go back and look at it fully and I’m really proud of it. I learned how to act, and there are a lot of moments where I’m like, ‘Oh, I could have done that better.’ But at the same time, I’m still very proud of who I am and who I was… this little one Kid exploring life and really fun to watch. I’m not too hard on myself for that.

Teen Wolf: The Movie Premiered on Paramount+ on January 26th. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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