Texas divorce attorney Whitney L. Thompson explains how to tell the kids about the divorce

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Texas divorce attorney Whitney L. Thompson (https://www.wthompsonlaw.com/texas-divorce-lawyer-how-to-tell-your-kids-youre-getting-a-divorce/) publishes a new article that explains how to do it Tell the kids about the divorce. The lawyer mentions that telling the children about the divorce can be very difficult. However, if parents are good at talking about it, they can help their family heal faster.

“This conversation will probably be the first of many with your children. As you both adjust to life during and after the divorce, it’s good to be open to any questions your children may have. Your children will most likely remember how you handled the divorce for the rest of their lives. There’s no perfect or easy way to do this, but it’s important to try to do it with as much compassion and emotional support as possible,” says the Texas divorce attorney.

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The lawyer explains that it is important that both parents are on the same page. When it comes to telling the children about their divorce, it is very important that they are united in the decision. This conversation will help children feel their parents’ support and can help protect their emotional well-being. It is important for this conversation that both parents give the impression that the choice is mutual.

Attorney Whitney L. Thompson adds that many parents feel that these types of conversations should be one-on-one because every child responds differently. It can be easier to deal with emotions when no other people are around. However, experts recommend that the best way to discuss the divorce is with the whole family, and parents can follow up on each child afterward.

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In the article, Attorney Thompson says, “No two people react the same way when their parents tell them they are getting divorced. It could cry or scream, anger or sadness. Or maybe your child is more worried about how the divorce will affect their situation right now. The most important thing is to be there for your children and give them the support they need.”

Finally, the attorney emphasizes the importance of having an experienced divorce attorney when dealing with divorce matters. An experienced divorce attorney can help a person understand their rights and achieve a more favorable outcome.

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