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Late last year, a Dealroom report revealed that London was the first destination for fintech funding. It’s not just about the big players like Revolut and Starling Bank: the city is a beehive for smaller companies that want to achieve big things.

Here are 10 of the top rated fintechs in London and what working there can get you:


Are you annoyed by the unsatisfactory tech stack of your big banks? An engineering-focused employer may be a better fit for you, and TrueLayer is one such company. The fintech focuses on payment and data infrastructure for finance, crypto and more.

TrueLayer ratings on Glassdoor are 4.5 stars with 100% CEO approval. Recent reviews praise the “good tech stack” and “great community of engineers”. It received an award for payment innovation in 2019 and has since appeared on multiple lists for the best tech companies to work for.

Other negative reviews claim that a number of employees have left over differences with management. One negative reviewer said that the 13-inch Mac they got wasn’t good enough and that they spent far too much time in meetings.

TrueLayer is hiring 19 positions, 6 of them in engineering. A senior QA engineer can earn up to £90,000 per year, while a senior technical manager position has a salary cap of £140,000.


Another payments fintech with an impressive tech stack, Form 3 stands out for its cloud-native platform built from the ground up and the ability to work completely remotely.

Glassdoor reviews give Form3 an impressive 4.7 stars. They praise the “best technology” used for their “strong and innovative product”. On the HR side, they praise a “transparent management team” that gives them a lot of autonomy with little micromanagement.

Most of the criticism is directed at the fully remote-controlled nature of the work. Some enjoy it immensely while others find it difficult to socialize with colleagues. Another criticism of one review is that “the relationship between business/product and technology is not that strong”.

Form3 is currently hiring for 27 positions, including a number of senior developer positions. Glassdoor salary information tells us that the average annual salary for a senior software developer is over £93,000.

London’s largest payments provider,, lowered its internal rating in late 2022. Nonetheless, fintech decacorn is hard at work on its expansion, and its employees love being a part of it.

READ :  Oregon Business - What Economic Challenges Will Oregon’s Next Governor Need to Tackle? ranked them in the top 50 major London companies to work for and the top 25 best places to work for women, technology and wellbeing. They are also in Glassdoor’s top 3 London fintechs to work for.

However, recent reviews on Glassdoor have been quite critical. One calls the company “good at finance, bad at tech,” while several have complained about work-life balance for the past month.

Glassdoor salary information tells us that senior engineers at make over £82,000 on average.


In September last year, stock management platform Capdesk was acquired by San Francisco-based rival Carta. While the latter has some positive reviews, it’s the smaller UK-based fintech that seems to offer a more enjoyable place to work.

Given the smaller size, Glassdoor reviews praise the “transparent” and “popular” executives and founders. They also praise an “inclusive” and “very positive work environment,” especially when it comes to remote working.

Before the acquisition, there were some negative reviews warning of high staff turnover. Reviews warn against “Salaries and perks may be slightly less than what you might get elsewhere.

thought machine

Thought Machine has seen a lot of growth and development over the last few years. Though allegations from the past cast it in a negative light, the fintech cloud banking platform has picked up steam in recent years and garnered near-universal internal acclaim.

A 2020 study by Sifted using Glassdoor reviews ranked them #1 among major fintechs for employee satisfaction with an overall score of 4.7 stars. More recently, positive reviews praise the “plenty of autonomy” and the “excellent treatment of employees.”

Their in-office approach might not be ideal for everyone, but they try to balance that with perks like an in-house barista and Thought Machine Fridays, a weekly catered event that provides insight into what’s going on at the company.

Glassdoor information tells us that the average total pay for a software developer is over £86,000, while a lead engineer would make an average of £114,000.


Revolut, arguably London’s best-known fintech, is certainly not the fintech for everyone. However, if you value fast career progression and want to come out of a role much better than you came in, Revolut is perfect.

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A senior Python developer left the company late last year, calling it a “beautiful place.” A Glassdoor review on Christmas Day said it did not for the faint of heart but an experience of a lifetime.Although the Python developer said he never sacrificed WLB, other reviews disagree, with one highlighting a “distinctly aggressive culture.”

Working at Revolut is less about what you do there and more about where it can take you afterwards. Alex Chang came to a millionaire at age 28 at 21, while younger associates remain in senior operating principal roles to this day.

The average software developer at Revolut makes an average of £86.5k, while senior engineers make £105k.


Another of London’s premier fintech unicorns, money transfer fintech Wise is perhaps London’s most aggressive fintech lender. However, jobs are not only plentiful, they are also highly recommended.

Reviews praise the company’s responsiveness to your work, where something as simple as “Meeting deadlines has more of an impact than most other places.

In terms of culture, a blind Wise employee appreciates the company’s flexibility and non-forced approach. He says “I’ve been working here for a little over 4 months and haven’t seen anyone work past four thirty.However, he criticizes their code base for being “kind of messy”.

Wise has 71 open positions in London, some of which are available on eFinancialCareers. Your managerial roles pay very well; An Engineering Lead can earn a salary of £130,000 while a Lead Finance Product Manager can earn £140,000.

nuclear bank

Although headquartered in the north of England, Challenger Bank has a branch in London and stands out from the crowd with its far more relaxed approach to banking.

We’ve written about this before as one of the rare examples of a four-day work week in the financial industry. Bankers have switched to Spotify offering the same thing in recent months, meaning an extra day off is clearly appreciated by some.

The work culture also appears positive. Reviews on Glassdoor average 4.3 stars and describe the company as “one big family” with a “progressive, doable attitude.”

Atom’s biggest weakness in the job market is simply how few engineering jobs are available, despite there being a decent number of more traditional finance jobs. A portfolio manager at Atom Bank makes £80,000 a year, according to Glassdoor.

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In December, peer-to-peer lending fintech Zopa was estimated to have increased its headcount by 27%. They not only hired more, they paid their people even better, raising their minimum wages by over 20% and giving a £500 winter bonus to those earning under £50,000 a year.

At this level of spending, you might think they don’t want to hire too many more people, but they currently have 21 vacancies across 9 departments.

Zopa reviews on Glassdoor are excellent, with an average of 4.6 stars and 98% CEO approval. They praise the “excellent management” that “really cares about the staff,” with one reviewer claiming to have been promoted twice in two and a half years.

Zopa is hiring a number of senior software roles, including two technical leads. Glassdoor estimates that the average senior developer at Zopa makes over £83,000.


Another unicorn, payments fintech GoCardless continues its global expansion, recruiting in France, Australia and Latvia. However, the majority of recruitment still takes place in the English capital.

Glassdoor reviews are largely positive, with 4.2 stars and 99% CEO approval. The technical staff in particular love the “modern” stack and the “very friendly” engineering team.

One complaint at a 2023 review was the lack of support for people with special needs, particularly when a medical condition requires working from home. However, they acknowledged that the departments are very separate, so they may not represent the entire company.

Glassdoor data suggests the average engineer earns £76,000, while a technical manager can earn £128,000.

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