The Flash director shares a set photo amid rumors about Ezra Miller and the film itself

The past few months have been a wild time for DC fans, as the studio has made sweeping changes to the shared universe that have left the public dizzy. James Gunn and Peter Saffron have been named co-CEOs of DC Studios, and work behind the scenes to transform the universe into a cohesive, interconnected place. One of Upcoming DC Movies coming to theaters this year is Andy Muschiettis The Lightningand he recently shared a set photo as rumors swirled about Ezra Miller and the blockbuster itself.

Recently, moviegoers watched as the baby girl Movie and Wonder Woman 1984 were scrapped, and when Henry Cavill officially left the role superman forever. Amidst this uncertainty, fans have become concerned flash Movie, especially given the controversy Ezra Miller has been caught up in over the last year. But it looks like the film is currently releasing as planned and could have a chance to clarify the shared universe timeline. IT Filmmaker Andy Muschietti is the man behind the camera The Lightningand recently shared a recap of Instagram that shows one of the set pieces of the film. Check it out below:

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