The NBA only allows All-Star fan voting on its website and app after Andrew Wiggins became a starter last year

After Andrew Wiggins became the starter for the All-Star Game in 2022, largely thanks to fan voting on Twitter, the NBA is making changes to the voting process.

The NBA began fan voting for the All-Star Game way back in 1975, and while that wasn’t a huge problem for a long time, it has become one of late as any player could potentially get in, even if they didn’t really did deserve it. We almost made Zaza Pachulia a starter in 2017 based on fan votes, but fortunately it was precisely this season that the NBA managed to get the fans to make up only 50% of the final vote, with the rest going to players and media.

However, another Golden State Warriors player became an All-Star starter thanks to fan voting, and of course that was Andrew Wiggins last season. Wiggins finished third in fan voting for most of last season thanks to a tweet from K-pop star BamBam on a day when one vote counted two. Wiggins, who placed 5th in Player Votes and 6th in Media Votes, became a starter ahead of Rudy Gobert, who placed 3rd in Players and 4th in Media, but only placed 9th in the fans. It seems that the NBA doesn’t want another situation where Twitter polls play such a big role as they now only allow voting on their website and app.

“The NBA is enforcing the ‘Andrew Wiggins Rule’ (as @larrybrownsport calls it) and only allowing All-Star votes in their app or website.”

“Last year, a K-POP star promoted Andrew Wiggins on Twitter, which helped him garner millions of fan votes.”

The Warriors had strategically planned that post with BamBam, their global ambassador, so Wiggins could become a starter, but don’t like that it’s working out the second time around. We’re predicting who will be the starters this season, and it’s a star-studded group!

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While Wiggins definitely deserved to be an All-Star last season, just not as a starter, right now it looks like he won’t make it at all this time. The Warriors got off to a rough start and things got even rougher recently when Stephen Curry suffered a shoulder injury that will keep him out for several weeks.

Hard times seem to be ahead for the Warriors

The Warriors were already without Wiggins, who was out with a right adductor strain. He missed his fifth straight game against the Philadelphia 76ers and, unsurprisingly, the Warriors lost without their top two players.

It’s hard to imagine them winning too many games without these two and with their next three games on the road a 6 game losing streak before Christmas seems very likely. The Warriors should be fine in the long run but this stretch is going to be brutal for them.

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