The university does not call for standardization of Nigerian universities

Some experts have described Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) as a panacea for the social, political and economic challenges of every human society.
They made the call during the 6th Annual Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education Conference themed: Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET): A Panacea to Nigeria’s Voting Errors, held in Port Harcourt last Thursday.
In his speech, the keynote speaker, Professor at the Department of Industrial Technical Education, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike, Prof. Vincent Eze Onweh, emphasized that one thing that can never be taken away from vocational education is its high willingness to tackle societal challenges political, economic, social and technological, among others.
There is a growing consensus among developing countries on the need to reposition VET as a strategic tool to curb most societal ills: “The reason for this is not far-fetched, as VET remains a harbinger of education, primarily a clear one Way to cope offers societal challenges.”
Onweh emphasized the legalization of the use of technology, noting that it is a crucial component of vocational training in Nigeria’s electoral system, as included in the relevant sections of the 2022 Electoral Law, which many found to be a welcome development.
“There is a slightly broader perspective that the use of technology could reduce the level of electoral malpractice in Nigeria. The conception, design and implementation of all technologies in conducting elections are undoubtedly a product representation of professional education knowledge and skills.”
The professor recommended as a way forward that VET practitioners work with relevant stakeholders to develop training content and scope on the new technologies that will be introduced in Nigeria’s new 2022 election law.
He also recommended that voters form a group within their constituencies and consistently demand that their representatives empower them through professional training to make them more self-reliant, among other things.
The senior lecturer, professor at the Department of Food, Nutrition and Home Science University of Port Harcourt, Prof Ebiokpo Amakoromo, also said the topic was appropriate as he had observed that elections in Nigeria were fraught with various forms of wrongdoing, sometimes leading to loss of life.
“During the election period, many politicians recruit youth, election officials, society workers, among others, to manipulate the election results in their favor, but the conference theme seeks to divert their attention from inaction.
She called on parents to give their children the necessary quality education they deserved from childhood, while also calling on the government and we will call on individuals to encourage people to provide vocational training by providing all the necessary equipment provide to increase labor force and productivity in VET.
For his part, the Dean of the Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education, Prof. Isaac Ogundu, explained that the annual conference aims to redirect the minds of young people to engage more in meaningful ventures, rather than allowing politicians to use them, to cause election offenses.

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By: Susan Serekara-Nwikhana

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