The Woman King was named best film of 2022

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The African American Film Critics Association has called the groundbreaking film “The Woman King” best movie 2022.

The film – directed by Gina-Prince Bythewood and starring Viola Davis – is well deserving of this honor. As I said in a review a few months ago​​”The Woman King” could have gone in a completely different direction and provided us with trauma porn like many stories chronicling African and African American history. But I think Gina-Prince Bythewood wanted to convey a general message of hope and strength.

While people of African descent have faced generations of racism, oppression and colonization, we are reminded that strength, resilience and royalty live within us through our heritage.

We are reminded that black women are leaders and warriors and should be respected as such. And finally, King Ghezo said, “If you want to keep a people in chains, you must first convince them that they are destined to be bound,” reminding us that we are free, if only we choose to break our chains. It is a Word for past and present and a film that is considered gold by the AAFCA.

“The Woman King” receives top honors: Best Film of the Year 2022

said AAFCA President and Co-Founder Gil Robertson, “The best films of this year prove that diverse stories – the real and the fantastic – are important not only for culture but also for the film business. Black films that touch our minds and hearts also make a significant impact at the box office. Our top film, “The Woman King“ bridges the gap between telling important, heartfelt stories and delivering an entertaining experience for cinema audiences.”

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“The Woman King” has grossed over $94 million worldwide and “found his throne‘ at the box office during its opening weekend debut. Viola Davis shared the news of the honor on Facebook with the exclamation: ” Wooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! MANY THANKS!!!”.

Ranked second on the African American Film Critics Association list Black Panther Continuation, “Wakanda forever” followed by Chinonye Chukus until and then the documentary by Sidney Poitier Sydney.

Despite controversy surrounding the filmAntoine Fuqua’sEmancipation” attached to “Glass Onion for fifth place. And to end the list were “the inspection”dam“, “Everything everywhere at once“, “Wendell & Wild”andDedication”.

All in all, it’s been a great year for black cinema and storytelling!

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