Top 5 Universities and Colleges to Study Renewable Energy

Those thinking of pursuing a rewarding career in renewable energy, also known as green or sustainable energy, are on the right track. Today is the best opportunity to enter this field. The theme is trending and considered to be one of the best career paths that have a positive impact around the world. Aside from having excellent job prospects after graduation, someone in this field will be on the front lines of keeping Mother Earth safe.

Students in this field will study global warming, climate change, the greenhouse effect and the potential depletion of fossil fuels. Even tech giants have invested heavily in sustainable and clean power supplies, like Samsung’s green digital inverter products or Elon Musk’s Tesla. As the population continues to grow, power generation and consumption are likely to increase. Those interested in this career path should check out these five top universities and colleges to study renewable energy.

Penn State World Campus, United States

Pennsylvania State University’s World Campus has provided exemplary distance learning for decades. Everyone who enrolls on World Campus experiences the same exceptional level of learning and inquiry as anyone who takes a course on campus. The Bachelor of Arts in Energy and Sustainability Policy is part of the World Campus courses.

Competition is fierce, so buy custom essays or have recent essays peer reviewed to increase your chances of admission. A panel of industry experts and educators formulated Penn State’s comprehensive sustainable energy curriculum. The fields of study comprise 120 credits with the following course topics:

  • Oil: International Revolution
  • Human dimensions of global warming
  • Energy saving for environmental protection
  • Energy and sustainability in contemporary culture
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Students receive excellent support from faculty and staff. They also receive information on possible internships and jobs after graduation. In 2012, the Sloan Consortium recognized Penn State University’s World Campus Bachelor of Arts in Energy and Sustainability Policy as the most outstanding online program.

The National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore

The National University of Singapore is one of the leading institutions in the world. They offer studies in Power System Platforms through the College of Design and Engineering. Their platform applies an integrated approach to developing sustainable, reliable and clean energy technologies. In addition, they draw on various experts around the world in the fields of science, technology and public policy for a more comprehensive program.

NUS is proud of its flagship green energy program established in 2018. It is a university-level program composed of distinguished researchers and talented students dedicated to the study of this subject. In particular, the language of instruction in the school is English. Important research areas are the following:

  • Renewable energy
  • storage of energy
  • Alternative carriers
  • Intelligent power distribution
  • decarbonization
  • Energy efficiency and energy saving

The school aims to accelerate research and develop holistic, sustainable solutions to meet the future needs of the country and nearby regions. For this reason, the school has built a strong alliance with experts, other research institutions and government agencies. Therefore, those looking to expand their expertise in this area should pay attention to NUS.

Sustainable Energy
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, USA is one of the leading schools known for advanced technology studies and innovation. Thanks to the school’s energy initiative, students can now choose to minor in energy studies. This is an interdisciplinary program that combines theory and hands-on learning with the following core courses:

  • Energy Science Foundations
  • Social Science Foundations
  • Technology/engineering in context
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To date, 24 compulsory elective units are required to complete this minor. In addition, the school offers the UROP, or Energy Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. It is a full-time summer research opportunity offering in-depth study of renewable energy sources. Students are expected to spend 40 hours per week on relevant study and research for 10 to 12 weeks. The program is open to all students of all disciplines, provided they pass the application process.

NHH University, Norway

The Norwegian School of Economics, also known as NHH University in Bergen, Norway, is one of the best institutions in the world for studying renewable energy as it will help lay the foundation for an inspiring and rewarding career. The school offers a variety of programs for students interested in this field. The fields of study include both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in the following areas:

  • energy
  • Natural resources
  • The environment

Although the school uses English for external communication and official documents, classes are taught in Norwegian. However, the NHH ensures that all students receive relevant information in a language they understand. Those who want to brush up on their language skills while studying sustainable energy and interacting with diverse international students should put this school on their list.

University of California-Berkeley, USA

Berkeley University is one of the oldest of the ten public schools at the University of California. This educational institution is one of the most demanded schools. Through the College of Environmental Design, UC Berkeley offers an interdisciplinary and culturally relevant degree called the Bachelor of Arts in Sustainable Environmental Design. Students learn about the challenges of sustainability not only in the state, but on a global scale with core courses such as Critical Debates in Sustainable Urbanism and Environmental Design for Sustainable Development.

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Through an experienced faculty, students will thoroughly understand design strategies and urban technologies. They are able to evaluate current and future problem areas for the design of sustainable systems. Some of the requirements of this program include the following:

  • Completion of 120 units
  • Final capstone workshop
  • Work with customer organizations

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about studying in the field of renewable or sustainable energy, you are on the road to success. Many corporations and government institutions are looking for key personnel for their respective clean programs. Nowadays, the world is facing many problems due to energy shortage, harmful carbon emissions and environmental impact. Graduates of this field find rewarding employment opportunities worldwide.

In addition, students acquire critical thinking skills and expert knowledge for career advancement. Additionally, successful graduates share how fulfilling it is to work in this sector because they can help others and the planet.

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