Top tech talent rewarded with remote work

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diving letter:

  • According to an analysis by more than , web developers have the best chance of finding a job that allows for remote work six million Glassdoor job openings from the software company Remote. According to the report, which analyzed August data, nearly 2 out of 5 web developer jobs in the US offered remote work.
  • Software engineers and data scientists had the second and third largest share of remote job openings 36% and 31% and cybersecurity and data analytics positions also ranked in the top 10 of all jobs.
  • According to the analysis, on average, companies offered telecommuters higher salaries than traditional workers. The average salary for web developers who have worked remotely was $95,000, up 31% from the industry average of $72,492.

Dive insight:

Salary gaps between remote jobs and the industry average reflect the bargaining power of top tech talent. Web developer, software development, and data science positions listed as remote also had the highest salaries.

Across the board, salaries for IT professionals have seen increases over the past year as employers have struggled to recruit and retain the talent they need.

In addition to increasing pay, employers have been willing to consider other factors that contribute to job satisfaction, including more flexible employment arrangements that allow for remote and hybrid work.

According to a November report by Dice, the tech workforce marketplace, the segment of the tech workforce expressing a preference for remote rose to 60%, up from 53% in 2021.

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According to Dice, which surveyed 950 technologists and 350 HR professionals, nine out of 10 respondents said the ability to work remotely is an important career consideration.

Demand for technologists remained high in the final months of 2022, despite high-profile layoffs at big tech companies like Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft.

Layoffs in the tech sector differ from tech-worker layoffs: 130,000 technologists added new jobs in December, according to the CompTIA analysis of data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and tech companies added 17,600 new employees.

If demand does not abate, salaries are likely to remain high. According to a new report from CodinGame and CoderPad, which surveyed 14,000 professionals in 131 countries, two-thirds of software developers have received pay rises in the last year. Developers who switched jobs reported salary increases of 25% or more.

There’s a limit to how much employers can offer, even for the most in-demand skills in web development, data science, and cybersecurity. Sweetening the deal with job flexibility and other enticements is becoming the norm.

“Employers need to think about new facets of the employee experience,” said Seth Robinson, CompTIA’s VP of industry research, including work-life balance, career paths, training opportunities and remote working.

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