Uproar at Mizzou over the worrying racist post of the leader of the right-wing student club

Students are calling on the University of Missouri to expel the former leader of a right-wing student group for using a racial slur in a social media post laughing at the deaths of black people.

Meg Miller resigned as varsity group president of Turning Point USA, the country’s largest Republican collegiate group, after the racist post she appears to have authored was circulated online last week, the Kansas City Star reported.

“If they killed 4 more n****rs we would have had all week off,” Miller’s selfie was captioned with laughing emojis.

The post and screenshots from Miller’s Instagram bio were shared online on December 7 by Mizzou student Kaylyn Walker, vice chair for social justice of the Missouri Students Association.

Miller’s Instagram, Facebook, and other social media profiles are no longer accessible and appear to have been deactivated. However, according to her bio’s screenshot, she majored in agricultural and animal sciences and has described herself as an “uncompromisingly conservative,” a “Second Amendment enthusiast,” and a “pro-life advocate.” HuffPost couldn’t reach her.

Other screenshots shared online seems to show Miller share transphobic hate and pose with Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who was acquitted after fatally shooting two racial justice protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2020.

In another post, apparently from Miller’s account, she posed with a blood-spattered deer under the caption, “pulled a Rittenhouse #deerseason.”

“This language is reprehensible, and we condemn all language and actions that are racist, discriminatory and hateful towards our community,” said Mun Choi, President of the University of Missouri.

Miller appeared to have posted the racist content months ago, a university spokesman told HuffPost. When the students discovered it, they repeatedly alerted the school.

Walker, the student who tweeted about Miller’s post, told The Kansas City Defender that someone in a group chat for Black Mizzou students shared it and that “everybody took action immediately,” Miller’s social media flooding college officials contacted and tagged the faculty on Twitter.

“It happens every day on our campus. People feel insecure, worthless, unloved. We all join forces. This is a recurring thing, none of us have had any response from administration. Nothing from a real person. These auto-generated responses are the only updates we’ve received so far,” Walker told Defender in an article published Dec. 8, adding that students in their community would gather to “do whatever it takes to get the campus.” making people of color safer.”

A spokesman for the University of Missouri told HuffPost in an email Thursday that the university responded immediately after learning of the position last week.

The university said it was unable to provide information about specific disciplinary actions taken in relation to a student, but noted that “generally, students held responsible for committing a policy violation may be subject to a variety of disciplinary actions.” , to expulsion from the university.”

Turning Point USA told the Kansas City Star that Miller left the University of Missouri chapter “without explanation” last week.

“This type of language has no place at TPUSA and we support their decision to withdraw from any involvement with this local chapter,” the group said.

The youth activist group, which is backed by white nationalists, has established chapters in colleges and high schools across the country since its inception in 2012, raising concern among parents who oppose the dissemination of right-wing views on racism and other social justice issues .

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