What is a 10-day contract in the NBA?

10-day contracts are one of the tools NBA teams have at their disposal to provide their teams with young, developing talent.

The NBA doesn’t have as advanced a process or minor league system as the MLB or NHL when it comes to developing fringe talent, but it’s certainly doing what it can to improve in this area.

Developments and updates to the G League and peripheral deals (such as two-way deals) in recent years have made the minor league system more important in the NBA. One permanent mechanism is the 10-day contract, which has been around in the NBA for over two decades.

Here’s everything you should know about the 10-day contract.

What is a 10-day contract in the NBA?

According to CBAFAQ, a 10-day contract is a three-game (or 10-day, as the title suggests, depending on what’s coming later).

When can teams sign players on 10-day contracts?

Teams can start signing players on 10-day contracts on January 5th of each year.

What is 10 Day Contract Salary?

A 10-day contract salary is negotiable. Since teams have all the leverage, they usually sign for the minimum allowed. The minimum salary depends on factors including the contract length (in this case the contract length would be 1 year since it’s only 10 days) and the number of years of service the player has logged in the NBA. This amount changes annually.

This final number is prorated for the 10 days that the player spends with the club.

How many 10-day contract players can a team have in their roster?

Depends on! The number of players a team has in its roster affects the number of 10-day contracts teams can sign. The more players a team has, the more 10-day contract players it can sign.

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Thanks to CBAFAQ, here are the limits:

  • Team of 12 players: Not eligible to sign players on 10-day contracts.
  • Team of 13 players: each can set up a 10-day contract.
  • Team of 14 players: Up to two 10-day contracts at the same time.
  • Team of 15 players: Up to three 10-day contracts at a time.

Two-way players do Not count towards the total to determine how many 10-day contracts a team can field.

Can two-way players also sign 10-day contracts?

No, two-way players are not eligible to sign 10-day contracts. Therefore, any time two-way players spend with the Pro Club counts towards their season limit. Read more about two-way contracts here.

Who are the best 10-day contract players?

Many high-profile players have been signed on 10-day contracts, proving they are of immense value in the league. These names should be proof that teams need to scout for talent wherever they can.

Here are some of the best players to play with 10-day contracts:

  • Jeremy Lin
  • Bruce Bowen
  • Danny Green
  • Chris Anderson
  • Gerhard Green

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