Who will be the NBA MVP?

Both Nikola Jokic and Giannis Antetokounmpo are expected to provide a strong boost for the NBA MVP.

Both Nikola Jokic and Giannis Antetokounmpo are expected to provide a strong boost for the NBA MVP.
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It’s easy to forget that NBA is actually an acronym that stands for National Basketball Association. For a casual observer following League personalities and news Breaker on social media, the league can be viewed as a multiplatform action/drama that ignites the adrenaline rush of the audience with the dunks and game winners, but the juicy storylines are what keep people glued to all their devices for updates.

Like many others, I love following a player who is upset for some reason to find out which franchise they end up with by the close of trade and watching them as well as coaches and executives try to turn down reports because of course no person is called “sources”.

All the drama off the court is pure entertainment, but so is basketball. The talent in the NBA is at the highest level ever. The G-League is a real resource for players as well as every corner of the planet earth.

The competition for the top 6 seeds in both conferences will be fierce as there are no stars with preseason injuries – i.e. a slight cruciate ligament tear and a foot injury – That keeps them out of the season opener and keeps them out for the whole year at the end.

All that healthy talent and young players improving fast should make for one of the best MVP races in recent memory. However, remember that the race is a marathon, not a sprint. Estimate the journey without trying to predict the results after each mile.

Players will have epic highlights and even out over the course of the 82 games. While I encourage people to appreciate basketball, preseason predictions are fun and gambling is more open than ever. So here’s the case for MVP for some of the gambling favorites, along with who I believe will be the 2022-23 NBA MVP.

Lukas Doncic

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No matter which sportsbook you look at – DraftKings, Caesars, FanDuel – it’s the second year in a row, the favorite for the award.

Dončić will surely have the greatest chance of chasing the MVP. The Dallas Mavericks’ other ballhandlers are Spencer Dinwiddie and Frank Nitilikina — both coming off the bench. It’s highly likely that Dončić will lead the NBA in usage rate for the third straight season, and the Mavericks have an outside shot at one of the top seeds in the Western Conference as the Golden State Warriors age and lack clarity whether whatever is internal Phoenix Suns stumble issues in the playoffs have been fixed.

He lost the award in the first two months of last season as he and the Mavericks struggled. Then when Dončić returned from injury at the beginning of the new year, He and his team rose as the star Ggarden averaging 30.1 points, 9.7 rebounds and 8.8 assists per game on 46.2/36.6/75.9 shooting splits, and the Mavericks won more than 50 games for the first time since their 2011 championship. If this continues all season, he may never leave the board as a betting favorite.

Zion Williamson

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For those who might still doubt Williamson’s talent, know that money has been pouring in for him to win the NBA MVP since July. That was before he showed up with the New Orleans Pelicans Media Day set up like an outside linebacker, reveals that he is musically powered by Notorious BIG.

He’s still a long shot, but for those with a chance at a few big, Feel free to bet $100 on Williamson at +2500. When he was last healthy, he was the most efficient paint scorer in the NBA, averaging 27 points per game at 61.1 percent of the field, and the last time the Pelicans were on the floor without him they put up the number 1 set Suns everything they could handle.

If these young, talented, athletic and confident Pelicans are placed in the top two and Williamson is the hottest show in the NBA by scoring at will and still showing off his playmaking skills, he will have enough hype to carry him to the MVP

Nikola Jokic

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He is the best player statscal the last two seasons in the NBA and it wasn’t close. Last season he led the league in PER, Win Shares, Offensive Win Shares, Win Shares per 48 Minutes, Box Plus/Minus, Offensive Box Plus/Minus, Defensive Box Plus/Minus, Value Over Replacement Player and also Total Defensive Rebounds for Devil.

Jokić wore a Denver Nuggets roster that was held together with spit and glue in a 48-34 record. Not only did the Nuggets make it to the playoffs, they did avoided the play-in tournament while Jeff Green played the fifth-most minutes on the team.

Jamal Murray has spent a year and a half recovering from his ACL surgery and should be ready to bring back the most devastating pick and roll attack in the game. Michael Porter Jr. is said to be healthy, but his back might as well be a huge question mark for his entire career. If the Nuggets’ top players stay healthy, they’ll earn a #1 spot, and Jokić again leads the NBA in all advanced metrics, the MVP voters must do what they haven’t done since Larry Bird – award a player the MVP for the third straight season.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

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The case for Giannis – pain. Pain he will bring to the entire NBA this season after the Milwaukee Bucks’ disappointing championship defense. Only Bobby Portis made 70 total games for the Bucks last season as injuries and pace forced him to return to action 90 days after a full 82 games Plus championship season resulted in them winning just 51 games.

While the Bucks finished the season as the third seed in the Eastern Conference with just three more wins than the Nuggets, it was clear that Antetokounmpo was the NBA’s best player while he was on the court. A two-way force not seen since Miami Heat-era LeBron James.

Then came the playoffs, in two rounds he completely pulled away from the rest of the league. He did what he wanted, when he wanted, and if Khris Middleton doesn’t get injured in the first round or Jayson Tatum saves the Celtics. They win back-to-back seasons in Milwaukee Title. When the Bucks get back to the top of the East, and Antetokounmpo continues his warpath out of the playoffs, he can snag a third MVP.

Joel Embid

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My pick for MVP.

The Philadelphia 76ers were a toddler who should have gone to the bathroom after a fast-food lunch on a road trip but didn’t, and then crashed 30 miles from the nearest rest stop in 2021-22. It started in the 2021 playoffs and continued because they delayed fixing the biggest problem that arose after that loss to the Atlanta Hawks: Ben Simmons was never able to put on a 76ers uniform again.

Daryl Morey stuck by the close of trade James Harden acquisition, which fell nowhere near the stabilizing lead guard force he was for the Brooklyn Nets last season, or the unstoppable force he was for Morey’s the top of the key had Houston Rockets for the past decade. Harden was slow, his jump shot and was still a drag on defense. Not the best return for repeatedly punching your players in the stomach by holding down Simmons for so long.

Despite this, Joel Embiid had the best season of his career. He played by far the most games he’s ever had — 68 — and led the NBA with 30.6 points per game in 49.9/37.1/81.4 splits as a 7-foot-2 tank. He did all of this while being a dominant defender.

He had every right to say, “I wonder what else I have to do to win it.” He also legitimately lost to Jokić. The 76ers won three more games overall than the Nuggets, and Jokić played six more singles games. With all the 76ers drama, Jokić would have given a little toe about having Tobias Harris, Tyrese Maxey and Harden as teammates. And again, Jokić’s advanced metric dominance was unearthly.

However, this season may belong to Embiid. The 76ers reinforced the rotation by adding PJ Tucker and DeAnthony Melton. Maxey should continue to rise after the big leap he made last season and Harden seems more focused than ever. A performance close to last season’s and a top 2, maybe even a top 3 finish in the East as long as they win at least 55 games – the honors will go to him. It’s his turn.

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