Zoey Deutch Christmas Movie: Romcom Actress Has Enviable Style

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The newly crowned rom-com queen has given it everything from barbiecore to plazacore while promoting her new movie Something from Tiffany’s.

Zoey Deutch isn’t a household name – yet – so you’d be forgiven for not knowing the extent of her film resume. But a few movie titles might sound familiar to you. There was Set it upthe original 2018 Netflix romantic comedy that she and Glen Powell launched over the past year Not okay the satirized life online, and the newly released Something from Tiffany’s, a Christmas romcom (double the joy!) that has cemented the 28-year-old as the future romcom queen. The Amazon Prime original also put Deutch on the style map after a whirlwind promotional tour for the Christmas film that included looks from Valentino, Caroline Herrara and Chloe.

Seamless change from Barbiecore in a mod magenta look from Valentino to Plazacore in one clueless-inspired skirt suit by Self Portrait, Deutch proves to be a fashion chameleon and a feast for the eyes. A tiffany blue ball gown complemented by a matching manicure and diamond hair bow? Why not! A sexy crystal embellished low-cut Raisa Vanessa mini dress for a celebration of the new film? Sure thing. German can be cute one day, sexy that night, and avant-garde at lunch the next. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention most, if not all, of her promotional looks leading up to the premiere of Something from Tiffany’s were – what else? – frosted with a little something from Tiffany & Co.

After those stunning fashion forward moments, like you, I feverishly scrolled through Deutch’s Instagram and realized I’d been sleeping on her style for far too long. October saw a slouchy Dior pantsuit, August saw an ’80s cobalt blue mini dress with exaggerated ruffles by Elie Saab, and July saw a sleek, minimalist black-and-white coordinating maxi skirt. Perhaps one of the most intriguing parts of Deutch’s outfits is that she’s never shy about making it a whole see, played with fun makeup like pastel eyeshadow and bold lips, and in the same week changed her hair from a pin to a sleek bun to a ’90s supermodel blowout. Does anyone have more fun getting dressed than Zoey Deutch? Convince me.

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Here’s a recap of the enviable Zoey Deutch Something from Tiffany’s Promotional tour outfits and proof that this nouveau romcom queen can be seen on the big screen *and* the red carpet.

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